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We-Flow Immersion Weekend [US Times] + 2 Months Support

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Refund Policy

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If you want to: ✔ Get more in touch with that which is burning to be born through you ✔ Bring to life these creations and sharpened focus

About this Event

If you want to:

✔ Get more in touch with that which is burning to be born through you

✔ Bring to life these creations and sharpened focus areas

✔ Accelerate the realization of these creations

✔ Experience being mind-blow and heart-blown by life...

Then, we invite you to join our weekend immersion (online) where you’ll receive:

🏄Hands on training in proven processes to tap into inspiration & flow

🏄Dedicated time to work on your creation

🏄Potent group space to supercharge your flow

🏄Access to trained stewards support to get you back into flow when you get stuck

🏄Access to 2x weekly Zoom calls for continued support for 2 months after the workshop to ensure the flow you experience with during the weekend takes root and your creations really take shape




Jakob Possert, Main Event Steward and Steward in-Training.

Consulting Assistant of the We-Flow Collective; Practicing Polymath and Global Citizen

Stéphane Segatori, Steward & Codifier.

Business Intelligence Consultant; Certified MBTI counselor; We-Space Lab Director. Integral Zen practitioner.

Hilde Behets, Co-Host and Steward-in-Training.

Psychologist, Director in Youthcare, Quality-management, Counselor in Parenting and Development, practicing Conscious Dance.

Mystiek, Co-Host and Steward-in-Training

Voice Liberator.

And we are lucky to have Jason Digges from "The ART of Being Human" as Co-Host:

Jason Digges

ART Co-founder & Senior Course Leader

Jason leads ART’s sales, marketing, and business development efforts, manages enrollment, and is a senior course leader. He also makes major contributions to the curriculum based on his unique background and expertise. Jason is a modern renaissance man: Equal parts artist, philosopher, teacher, and video producer. From 2003-2012 he worked for Ken Wilber and other clients to create thousands of hours of educational media on the topics of transpersonal psychology, spirituality, productivity, and personal growth. For the past 4 years he has been a trainer and facilitator for groups within the authentic relating and circling realm and is obsessed with how humans can live and relate optimally.


(Time Zone: PST)

07:30 Room opens, Pre-Program starts

08:30 Official Program starts (be on time!)

11:30 Lunch break

13:00 Afternoon Program starts

16:00 Appreciations

16:30 End & Afterparty flow


Martijn Bos, Board member & Policy advisor: "I'm surprised to find a we-space that actually helps me ground more than expand".

Maria K: "I'm now ready to eat the fear like an energy bar."

Jason Digges, Co-founder & Teacher at Authentic Relating Training: "We-flow is my map to have a massive amount of fun while having a huge amount of things done! I am so installing this in my life."

Adam el Jaouhari, Entrepreneur and Engineer:

"We-flow gives me an amazing new way of getting things done. It brings a lot of ease, beauty and fun. I am discovering new capacities in myself and gives I have that I didn't know that were there before. I feel free-er, more impactful and useful to the world, and more in control of where I am going. Also, We-flow is a space that creates a fertile ground for amazing ideas and projects to emerge. All of thing in a network of inspiring and warm relationships, that feel just so sacred."

Sylvie van den Meerendonk, CEO and Lead coach of ALIGHTcareers:

"Through We-flow I now have a tool that is shaping my future by feeling where my energy and interests wants to go. Every week I am discovering more depth in this practice and in myself. It has totally changed how much I see if possible, both for myself and the world we live in."


We-Flow is an unprecedented practical way of working and living around each other. You'll gain access to the playfield of collective intelligence in a palpable manner.

We'll land in a space that generates more Flow, easy access to inner resources, a whole lot more Productivity and an incredible amount of Creativity, even for usually creative people. It is also a social innovation born to make CULTURE CHANGE easier.

And the beauty is that you won't only use this practice here, but you'll be invited to take it home. We noticed that the more we practice, the more we have access to this space whenever & wherever we need it. We-Flow as a modality originated from an unforeseen breakthrough in combining a conscious business approach with the practice of integral we-spaces.


During these 2 days we open our space to professionals who want to discover Practical We-Flow. This is also our monthly event for members of the collective to assemble, play, and receive the latest updates of our evolutionary practice. 2 of our flow-stewards will be present everyday to guide this magical experience.

The practice is devoted to you: your Livelihood & Fulfillment of your Purpose. Through the practice you will get in touch with your calling and find the expression, the project, that makes you come alive, and get progress on that. And at the same time, you are learning the steps to be able to access collective intelligence at will. Can you imagine what kind of breakthrough are possible for each initiative you can think of?


We-Flow has 3 simple and effective phases that allow practitioners to experience wholeness, engagement and clarity on a daily basis. We’re delighted to see that the practice are now being used within 4 companies, and by many freelancers, expanding monthly.

It is fully integrative and concrete while at the same expanding to a larger picture - that makes it remarkable among other growth-oriented modality or project practices.


A surprising factor of this non-ordinary "We-space" practice is the rapidity of its benefits, they are directly received after a few minutes and increase exponentially. We use this enhanced space to foster and focus on action as a medium for integration.

We start every session with an intentional group flow that propels us towards waves of action, connection and integration. If you are already working on a project, or have a deadline, it is totally invited & supported. If you are unsure what to work on, you will get clarity on what is most important to you through the practice.

The connection with self & others at every step brings aliveness & joy in the foreground.

[Bring your preferred creation tools: laptop, notebooks, posters, mindmaps, schematics, props, drawing / painting accessories]


Our culture result from collective emergences that have been and generates freedom, unity, ease and access to your full potential. It comes with clear and beautiful micro-agreements that create and immerse us in a practical collective state. The skillful support available in the space deeply respects your flow, your needs, your inner autonomy and inner wisdom as a central components that we all want to see blossom.

Work becomes Play, Play brings nourishment, Life becomes ever more rewarding.


You'll also experience several emerging properties of the space that are usually a basis for high-performance:

inspiration, creative flow, effortlessness, heart-centeredness, delight, group synergy, ability, support.

There is no homework here, before, during, or even after. Every moment is supplied with ever-growing self-awareness, with space to unhide your gifts, room to express them in a way they will be received.

And it doesn't stop there: The sunrise of the following monday morning is usually where the secondary magic starts !


You will get to work directly on the most important practical step in your life right now. And your activity is supported by the space dedicated to flow and growth. As we are working, human connection and open learning is a central reinforcing element of the practice. We save time and energy as we benefit from the collective realizations of people who went through these same steps before. This enables what we call “inspired action” in connection.


- You will experience 2 full-day(s) in this space dedicated to the enactment of your deepest gifts & purpose, receiving support & backup.

- You will receive an opportunity to steward the We-Flow space by yourself; in a way that's directly actionable in your existing profession.

- You will receive actionable keys to enhance your other group/we-space facilitation skills.

- You will receive access to the We-Flow blueprint document.

- You will be invited to contribute to the evolution of the practice itself.

- You will receive invitation to join our open collaborative workspace in Amsterdam. (See conditions)

- You will receive possibility to request a commercial licence partnership. We-Flow can be purchased as a framework to develop your own company culture or your own products.



2-months economic satisfaction guarantee or refund

2-months weekly practice video calls included


✔ 2 days of hands-on, practical teaching in the We-Flow Fundamentals, applied to your Purpose

✔ Access to our Collective of Support & Practice Room

✔ 8 weeks of Online Continuity in our 2x weekly Zoom calls


How the net revenue will be used? Spread the practice, make more events, fund the R&D, expand the supporting organization, sustain stewardship.


(Usual price: 436$)

289$ Special price for our 1st event in US timezone!


A We-Flow Sprint for business is the corresponding service for organizations. It is delivered in-house, in various forms adapted to our client’s context: organizational culture change, tailor-made work practices, employee happiness program, team performance enhancement, group & individual stewardship training. Contact Stéphane for more information about consulting or stewardship training.

We're thrilled to start playing We-Flow with you soon !

[Please bring your dearest creative tools: LAPTOPS, notebook, large paper, mindmaps. There's going to be paper and creative accessories available onsite too.]

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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