Weave 101: Get hooked on weaving!

Weave 101: Get hooked on weaving!

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Emma Wood

Werkstatt 23

Schönwalder Straße 23

13347 Berlin


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Learn to weave and create your own fabric in just one afternoon!

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Weaving is an exciting and versatile craft, but it can be difficult to know how to get started. In this 4 hour workshop with weaver Emma Wood, you can take the first steps towards building up your knowledge and confidence as a weaver.

Over the course of the workshop, you'll have the chance to design and weave your own fabric samples on an 8-shaft loom, whilst also understanding the principles of shaft weaving. The workshop takes place in Emma's studio, where you can select from a broad range of yarns that you can play and experiment with as you become more familiar with how weaving works. Emma will introduce you to the basic motions of weaving, help you understand how the different structures work, and explain how different warp threadings can impact your designs.

You'll also have the chance to try designing your own weave structures, and create your own cloth sample to take home with you.

What's included?

  • Your own loom for the duration of the workshop, pre-threaded and ready to weave
  • All yarns and weaving materials
  • Beginner's catalogue of weave structures

What will I learn?

  • The basic principles of weaving
  • How a loom works
  • How to weave on an 8-shaft loom (straight or pointed draft)

What will I make?

  • Small individual samples or a wall hanging

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About Emma

Emma is a weaver who has been based in Berlin for the last decade. She has an MA in Woven Textiles from the Royal College of Art in London. She has worked across the textile industry in commercial design, performance materials, research, restoration and textile engineering. Emma works primarily on independent projects and developing experimental woven materials. She is based from her studio in Wedding, filled with six looms and and far too much yarn.

Emma is a weave-geek through and through, and loves being able to spread her passion for her craft through this series of workshops.

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Are there other workshop dates available?

To see the other available workshop dates, just visit the website.

What language is the workshop in?

The workshop takes place in English.

Is the workshop space accessible?

There is an 8cm high step to enter the studio and the front door is approximately 85cm wide when opened. The bathroom is not wheelchair-accessible. The looms are placed on standing-height desks, but they can be lowered if needed. If you have accessibility requirements, contact emma@wovenbywood.com so we can discuss your needs.

How do I get to the workshop?

The nearest subway station is Reinickendorfer Straße (U6). The nearest S-Bahn stations are Wedding (S42 & S46) and Humboldthain (S1 & S2). Nearby buses are the M27, 120 and 247.

What should I bring to the workshop?

All weaving materials will be provided, but if you have any yarns or materials you would like to try out, feel free to bring them with you. This can be anything from thin embroidery yarn to chunky knit yarns, or even unconventional materials like metal wires. This workshop is all about play and experimentation!

Weaving can also be tiring work and you will be on your feet for the duration, so it is recommended you bring drinks and a snack to keep your energy up.

I already know how to weave, is this workshop suitable for me?

This workshop is designed for those who have never woven before, but can also be a great refresher course for experienced weavers or beginners looking to expand their skills.

I booked a ticket but can't make the workshop, can I transfer my ticket or get a refund?

If you're not able to make the workshop and want to transfer your ticket to another date or discuss a refund, please contact emma@wovenbywood.com so we can try to find the best solution.

How can I contact you with further questions?

Send any other questions to emma@wovenbywood.com.

Weave 101: Get hooked on weaving!: Bild
Weave 101: Get hooked on weaving!: Bild
Weave 101: Get hooked on weaving!: Bild
Weave 101: Get hooked on weaving!: Bild

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