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Webinar on Global Energy Poverty and Vulnerability

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Energy Poverty and Vulnerability: A Global Perspective

We are hosting two consecutive sessions at the 2017 Royal Geographical Society’s (RGS-IBG) Annual International Conference in London. Usually these conference sessions are closed events for registered delegates only, however, this year (with permission from RGS-IBG) our conference sessions will be simultaneously hosted virtually via ClickMeeting (, one of the world’s leading webinar and online meetings platform. This will allow us to widen access to attract a global audience that might otherwise be unable to participate.

Many people across the world suffer from energy poverty, a condition in which they are unable to attain the energy services required to meet their basic needs. This is a global concern, encompassing issues relating to both a lack of access to modern forms of energy such as electricity, and the inability to use energy services in the home due to unaffordable energy costs (Bouzarovski and Petrova, 2015).

This two-part session focuses on the dynamic and geographically contingent pathways through which energy poverty is (re)produced in different parts of the globe. The first-half of the session takes the form of a panel discussion, linked to a forthcoming edited book due to be published by Routledge in 2017, ‘Energy Poverty and Vulnerability: A Global Perspective’. The panel will comprise a selection of book contributors, academics and policy-makers working in the energy poverty field, with discussion focussed upon the key themes arising from the book. The second-half of the session will utilise a world café format to facilitate conversation around future research ideas, collaboration opportunities, and the development of funding proposals.

Overall, the session will cover the following questions:

  • How do political, economic, material and socio-cultural processes and dynamics, operating at various scales, shape householder vulnerability?

  • In what ways are such processes shared and differentiated across the globe, and how do geographical contingencies create spatial inequalities in the prevalence and manifestation of energy poverty?

  • What are the unanswered and emerging research questions in energy vulnerability research, and what opportunities exist for future research collaborations?


Darren McCauley (University of St Andrews, UK)
Saska Petrova (The University of Manchester, UK)
Jiska de Groot (University of Cape Town, South Africa)
Irena Connon (University of Dundee, UK)
Marilyn Smith (The Energy Action Project)


How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please e-mail Harriet Thomson on

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Instructions for joining the webinar will be emailed to all webinar ticket holders approximately one week before the event.

Do I have to join the whole event?

No, while it would be great if you could attend the whole webinar, you will be able join in at any point. You can also leave and return to the webinar later on.

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