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What will our session on World Mental Health Day Thursday 10 October cover?

A fresh perspective on anxiety

Over-thinking, busy-mindedness, stress, panic attacks and phobias. Things can start off small and then suddenly become overwhelming - why do so many of us, feel we are so anxious, so often. And can there be any hope for peace of mind?

  • In this session we explore what anxiety actually is and how it works
  • How your true nature does not have anxiety and never did
  • Experience a taste of a little peace of mind
  • Hear Nicola's real life stories and insights into her own experienced of anxiety and the 1000's of people she has helped
  • An opportunity to have your own insight into your own experience of anxiety
  • A space for reflection and sharing

What will it not cover?

One size fits all tools, techniques or strategies.

Special guest: Nicola Bird

Nicola Bird the Founder and best selling Author of "A little peace of mind: The Revolutionary Solution for Freedom from Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Stress".

Nicola Bird experienced anxiety and panic attacks for over twenty years, at some points so badly that she couldn’t leave her house for weeks at a time. No one knew. To the outside world she was a high-performer: high academic grades, running her own successful business, living all around the world and happily married with three beautiful children. She tried everything, including CBT, NLP, medication, yoga and psychiatric counselling in an attempt to fix herself but nothing seemed to have a lasting impact. Then she stumbled across a completely different way of understanding how human beings work that transformed her relationship with anxiety forever.

The success of any organisation lies in the wellbeing of its people.

Whether you are part of a large organisation, a professional firm or run your own small business the health and success of your enterprise is highly dependent upon the mental and emotional health of the people involved. If you are regularly feeling stressed at work, it will have a detrimental (and measurable) impact on every aspect of your success, performance and productivity - not to mention your life experience.

We can show you how to prevent and eliminate stress at its source. And reap the game-changing benefits of uncovering wellbeing.

Our Wellbeing at Work Series is a collaboration between Being Lawyers and the Wisdom and Wellbeing Consultancy. We are offering an education designed to provide you with a strong foundation of wellbeing.

Join Lawyer and Executive Coach Chetna Bhatt Co-Founder of Being Lawyers and Leadership Wellbeing Coach Elizabeth Lovius Co-Founder of the Wisdom and Wellbeing Consultancy to learn about the game-changing innate wellbeing principles that will transform your understanding and experience of stress in the workplace.

We explore what mental and emotional stress is - how it works, where it comes from and how to prevent it no matter what you might be up against.

From May to October 2019, our Wellbeing at Work series comprises interactive talks, educating and sharing personal stories on a range of topics relating to how wellbeing works, including; stress, resilience, work-life balance, handling “difficult” colleagues and a fresh look at depression and anxiety.

What is the format?

Each month, we are offering a Wellbeing at Work Taster from 6.30pm to 8.30pm* in Central London

*on 10th October to coincide with World Mental Health Day we will host Anxiety expert and best-selling Author of A little Peace of Mind Nicola Bird

You can drop-in, attend a few or all of the tasters – the sessions are designed to work both independently and build on each other.

We will also invite expert guest speakers from time to time to join us and will allow time for you to have questions answered.

What other topics will we learn about in the Wellbeing at Work Series?

• How personal insight is the real agent of change and how to have more of it.

• How you can reduce stress in the workplace. We will explore whether stress is an unsurmountable enemy or all in our mind and uncover what stress really is.

• Understanding how wellbeing works so that you can access more of our innate wellbeing.

• A fresh look at anxiety and depresssion.

• How you can handle “difficult” colleagues and be less bothered by the moods and ‘problem’ behaviours of others by deepening your understanding of yourself and others.

• Understanding the true source of your potential so that you can so that you can perform your best work more of the time.

• How accessing peace of mind creates true resilience and enables you to bounce back quickly, no matter what the circumstances.

Feedback from our Launch in May:

‘Last night was so good! It was such a privilege to be in the room.’ - Alison Payne, People Director

‘Incredibly insightful. Captivating, thought provoking and inspiring.'
- Lucinda Soon, Solicitor

‘Such an important message to hear and a timely reminder that we all have a flame burning bright inside of us'.
- Nick Bloy, Founder of Wellbeing Republic

'I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot from it. The work I do comes with a lot of pressure, stress and high demands. I woke up this morning feeling a lot more energised and motivated'
- Aaron James, Audio Visual Technician

Our approach

We know that every single person has innate mental health and wellbeing available to them at all times on the inside. While their experience of wellbeing may vary, wellbeing itself is a constant that can never be lost.

We don’t give advice, use techniques or tell people what to do – rather we educate and explore universal principles of how wellbeing works and how an understanding of these can help people to naturally access their mental health and resilience.

As a result of our approach people are able to have their own insights and find answers about their own situation – as it is personal insight or ‘a-ha’ moments that are the agent of real and sustainable change.

Places are limited.

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Date and Time


Central London (TBC)


United Kingdom

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