Wellbeing at Work Series Launch: Chronic Mental Stress

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Chambers and Partners

No.3 Waterhouse Square

138 Holborn



United Kingdom

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The success of any organisation lies in the wellbeing of its people.

Whether you are part of a large organisation, a professional firm or run your own small business the health and success of your enterprise is highly dependent upon the mental and emotional health of the people involved. If you are regularly feeling stressed at work, it will have a detrimental (and measurable) impact on every aspect of your success, performance and productivity - not to mention your life experience.

We can show you how to prevent and eliminate stress at its source. And reap the game-changing benefits of uncovering wellbeing.

Sponsored by Chambers and Partners, Being Lawyers and the Wisdom and Wellbeing Consultancy, we will be offering an education designed to provide you with a strong foundation of wellbeing.

Join Lawyer and Executive Coach Chetna Bhatt Co-Founder of Being Lawyers and Leadership Wellbeing Coach Elizabeth Lovius Co-Founder of the Wisdom and Wellbeing Consultancy to learn about the game-changing innate wellbeing principles that will transform your understanding and experience of stress in the workplace.

We explore what mental and emotional stress is - how it works, where it comes from and how to prevent it no matter what you might be up against.

Launching during Mental Health Awareness Week on Thursday 16h May 2019, over a six-month period, we give interactive talks, educate and share personal stories on a range of topics relating to how wellbeing works, including; stress, resilience, work-life balance, handling “difficult” colleagues and a fresh look at depression and anxiety.

What is the format?

On the first Thursday of each month, we are offering a Wellbeing at Work Taster from 6.30pm to 8.30pm*.

*Except for our launch on 16th May from 7pm to 9pm, 10th June and 10th October to coincide with World Mental Health Day.

You can drop-in, attend a few or all of the tasters – the sessions are designed to work both independently and build on each other.

We will also invite expert guest speakers to join us and allow time for you to have questions answered.

Get a little taste of your Wellbeing.

What will our first introductory session on Thursday 16th May cover?

There Is Only One Mental Illness: Chronic Mental Stress.

  • We will offer transformative education on how stress and wellbeing work for everyone - no matter your life circumstances, background, chemistry or diagnosis.
  • Real life stories of change.
  • An opportunity to have your own insights into your own situation (your own personal toolkit).
  • A space for reflection and sharing.

What will it not cover?

One size fits all tools, techniques or strategies.

More on our introductory session:

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, but have you ever considered what mental health actually is?

Depression, anxiety, burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome and all kinds of stress related physical ailments are all labels that are increasingly on the rise.

But what if our commonly held ideas for what constitutes mental health were actually innocently misguided?

What if holding onto those ideas and ideals could actually initiate a cycle of chronic mental stress, which could also, over time, perpetuate cycles of physical illness?

What if we were sitting in the middle of mental health, and because of our misunderstandings, simply not seeing it?

Join our guest speaker John El-Mokadem and hosts Chetna Bhatt and Elizabeth Lovius as they invite you to look towards seeing a new paradigm of mental health. One that is easier, more effortless, and perhaps more importantly, more human!

What other topics will we learn about in the Wellbeing at Work series?

• How personal insight is the real agent of change and how to have more of it.

• How you can reduce stress in the workplace. We will explore whether stress is an unsurmountable enemy or all in our mind and uncover what stress really is.

• Understanding how wellbeing works so that you can access more of our innate wellbeing.

• A fresh look at anxiety and depresssion.

• How you can handle “difficult” colleagues and be less bothered by the moods and ‘problem’ behaviours of others by deepening your understanding of yourself and others.

• Understanding the true source of your potential so that you can perform your best work more of the time.

• How accessing peace of mind creates true resilience and enables you to bounce back quickly, no matter what the circumstances.

"Loved it! I’ve noticed I’m a lot less anxious and more resilient since learning about this undertanding." — Account Director, Kazoo PR

Our approach

We know that every single person has innate mental health and wellbeing available to them at all times on the inside. While their experience of wellbeing may vary, wellbeing itself is a constant that can never be lost.

We don’t give advice, use techniques or tell people what to do – rather we educate and explore universal principles of how wellbeing works and how an understanding of these can help people to naturally access their mental health and resilience.

As a result of our approach people are able to have their own insights and find answers about their own situation – as it is personal insight or ‘a-ha’ moments that are the agent of real and sustainable change.

We are delighted to have our Wellbeing at Work Series places sponsored by Chambers.

Places are all booked for the launch in May. To sign up to our event in June, please see here.

Date and Time


Chambers and Partners

No.3 Waterhouse Square

138 Holborn



United Kingdom

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