Wild Man Retreat

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To be confirmed - 1-2 hour drive from London in the countryside

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This is an amazing opportunity for

• Getting Raw

• Getting Real

• Connecting back to your roots

• Connecting to the earth and nature

• Embracing both your masculine and feminine qualities

• Learning leadership skills and how to make decisions

• Reclaiming your power

During the retreat we will be combining meditative practices with ‘practical’ activities such as, building shelters, making fires, various physical activities. This is a retreat where men can feel comfortable embracing their own emotions away from the restraints of everyday life.

Engaging the body - Resting the mind- Nurturing the soul

Tickets are available at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/wild-man-retreat-tickets-34314742318

Schedule (flexible to change depending on group dynamic)


9.30am-11am: Opening Circle/ Meditation


2pm-4pm: Group Exploration


Dinner: Group Exploration

9pm: Closing Circle/ Meditation

Potential Group exploration exercises: Building a shelter, Making a fire, Connecting to our masculinity, embracing our feminine, Barefoot Qigong, Increasing Awareness To What You Currently Resist,The Power of Surrender, How to Open Your Heart To Love, Becoming An Energy Alchemist, Nature of Mind, Nature of Consciousness, Nature of Suffering, Reclaiming Your Power and Weeding out Any Victim, Enhancing Your Creativity, Improvisation through music and dance, Connecting deeply with Nature.

Date: 14th-17th

Price for 4 day Retreat.

Early Bird: £399 ( book 1 month in advance)

Full Price: £449

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Date and Time


To be confirmed - 1-2 hour drive from London in the countryside

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