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United Kingdom

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Do you want to be fit, strong and powerful?

Do you believe that there is more to fitness than calorie counting?

The Wild Workout will introduce you to a holistic way of training your body. Build your strength, stamina, mobility and flexibility, correct and strengthen your posture, even become a better, stronger runner if you wish. Move with confidence, strength and poise through Wild Movements.


When Alexandra created The Merisoiu Technique it was because her clients wanted to get fit, strong and powerful.

However they also needed to understand how their bodies function, how to move soft and fluid and how to prevent injury as much as possible. And it was essential not to sacrifice the later for the former.

It was imperative for them to understand the difference between tension and relaxation, intentional movement, posture and balance and counterbalance.

The Mindful Control component is where Alexandra’s clients learn to bring together or to align body, breath, and mind.

And then to catapult their results we brought in the physical and psychological benefits and the freedom of training outdoors all year round. Benefits such as strength and emotional balance. And of course the nutrition and healthy habits part.

Finally, it became clear that her clients needed to have access to a complete system which would offer them the foundations they needed to live a healthy and fit life for the rest of their lives. Once you understand the basics of movement, posture, breathing, nutrition and Mindful Control then you actually become in control of your own life.

So all these lead to her creating a unique transformational system: The Merisoiu Technique which incorporates five essential principles of a healthier lifestyle: Earthing, Fluid Movement, Food Discipline™, Mindful Control™, Organic Movement.


Alexandra is known as The Body Engineer and is the founder of The Merisoiu Technique Institute Of Health And Natural Human Movement™.

Since 1995 she has explored how the body and mind works through using many different sporting techniques and through a wide variety of highly respected coaches. In 2001, at 14 years old, she was ranked 2nd at World Karate Championships and 3rd in 2015, 2 times National Champion, World Cup Champion and now she is a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Karate Shotokan, and she still competes at an international level. It is through these learnings that she has created The Merisoiu Technique and has established her own unique transformational programs that incorporate thousands of years of knowledge with modern coaching methods.

Her mission is to share her gift and educate the world, passing on to the next generations why they need to get out of the gym and back to nature. Going back to nature takes them on a journey of discovery, experience and creativity, and installs lasting foundations and transformational results.


"Alexandra took me and a gang of four 13-14 year olds on a workshop in the woods recently. We spent 2,5 hours in our local woods, exercising in a way you would never have done before. Alexandra teaches you how to get fit with the countryside, as a natural gym, using the trees, branches, dips and curves and different terrain you might find in your local woods. She taught us posture, alignment and how to create length and strength, as well as mindfulness. The girls loved it. They had such fun and could not believe how much they got out of training like this in nature, and how fit you can get, as well as grounded.

I would recommend anyone of any age to train with Alexandra. She has the whole package of body, mind and nature, and fun. Thank you for a truly inspiring and unforgettable day!"

Tone Tellefsen Hughes, Director of Luck’s Yard Chiropractic Clinic, Surrey.

"I started working with Alexandra in late Feb this year [2015], and in the short few months have seen massive benefits in my fitness as well as general well being!

Go from complete shut down to fully functional was designed for me, and I can say with confidence she delivers on that promise!

I had a lot going on when we started working together, and was resorting to stress eating to cope, going speedily down a vicious cycle where my fitness and general well being was concerned.. it took Alex a while to shake me out of that, but she adjusted her approach to suit my needs, ie – to suit my then fitness levels and also using language/messaging that would appeal to me and inspire me to go along with her suggestions!

I find myself fitter, more able physically, more in control generally, and more inspired to make wholesome choices, with nutrition in specific but my whole lifestyle in general!

So, all in all, a great 360 degree experience built on that symbiotic link between physical and emotional health.

I have also learnt the relationship between seemingly unrelated things causing the aches/pains and injuries.

I am learning how to use my body with greater awareness so as to help existing injuries and prevent any in future. I like that her approach is built on building knowledge and awareness of ones body and its use, and making small changes to get long lasting transformational results.

Another interesting learning for me has been how much I enjoy the outdoors. While I have always liked green open spaces, I never thought I would enjoy training outdoors.

I started training with Alex in Feb, through relatively cold weather and on an early morning slot, so I had my share of reservations on that, but I am happy to share that I have loved it more with every session.

It has helped build my resilience and hopefully given me something I could continue with going forwards, on my own!

All in all, highly recommended!"

Pooja Sharma, Manager Pearson Plc


WE WILL MEET in Oxted on Kent Hatch Road and New Road at the 594 Bus Stop. Link on Google Maps: at the scheduled day and time. Please don't be late as you may not find us there.


The event is mainly for beginner and intermediate fitness level. You can run at a slow pace for 10 min without stopping, which will be part of our warm up. Everything else is tailored for different fitness levels so that everyone gets the most out of the event.


Nature is full of surprises so we need to be prepared. Here is a list of recommended kit:

– good grip shoes (off road)

– beanie hat if it's cold

– base layer top

– gloves (preferably fingerless) if you think you may need them; we will touch the ground.

– rain jacket (which you can easily put into a back pack, no tying around the waist allowed)

– scarf neck / fleece snood

– small back pack with straps and buckle so you can run with it

– head torch - with winter coming it is still dark when we hvae our ealy morning sessions. If you have a head torch bring it with you, if not let your coach know. you don't have one the day before the session.

You can find all these pieces of equipment on our Amazon store:

If you know you need other items such as inhalers please bring them with you, even if you didn't need them for a very long time.

Food and water

You can find the recommended snacks on our Amazon store:


WE WILL MEET in Oxted on Kent Hatch Road and New Road at the 594 Bus Stop. Link on Google Maps: at the scheduled day and time. Please don't be late as you may not find us there.

Any questions let us know.

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Date and Time


Meeting Point: New Road Car Park




United Kingdom

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