Winter Solstice Energy Transmission Celebration with Tony Samara

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“I have recently been asked some very interesting questions which are wonderful to meditate upon as we approach the upcoming Solstice. This special day of the year is a gateway of light asking for our renewed focus on the birth of a new way of dealing with and practicing spiritual life in action.

During this upcoming Solstice/Christmas season as we are meeting with many people familiar and unfamiliar this is a perfect time to be conscious of a new way of dealing with old situations that no longer serve a purpose."

- Tony Samara

The Winter Solstice 2017 will occur on 21 December at 16:28 UTC (Portugal, UK), 17:28 CET (Spain, Germany, Slovenia), 08:28 PST, 11:28 EST, 14:28 Brasil (S. Paulo), 00:28 Singapore (on the 22nd December), 05:28 AEDT Sydney, Australia (on the 22nd December). The live broadcast of the Aware Presence Transmission will happen at 12:30 UTC!

This means that any of the meditations that you create leading up to this time and afterwards will be very powerful as this time is a portal well known to the Ancients.

During the special worldwide meditation link, Tony will link in with everyone from his personal space and although he is always doing this anyway, for those with the intention to join him at this time the effect of the union will be synergistic.

So as you meditate or go about your daily tasks in a meditative way it is good to focus on connecting to Tony and being open to the wonderful space that is created through this unique possibility.

Whatever you feel you wish to happen is the right thing to create.

If you wish to be specific then perhaps some of the meditations on the website may be useful. You may also wish to consider eating special foods by adopting a vegetarian diet or eating healing foods to make the body lighter so that you are more sensitive to this wonderful experience.

Energy Transmissions are spontaneous sessions by Tony Samara developed to give participants the best possible opportunity to experience Consciousness. The sessions will include Energy Transmission, Meditation and the sharing of Spiritual Knowledge. The sessions last from 15 to 30 minutes.

In these sessions participants are invited to remain in silence, breathing deeply, with eyes closed and in a comfortable meditational posture (or lying down) so that the energy transmission can be experienced in the most direct and beneficial way.

The live broadcast is conducted through ClickMeeting and is easy to listen to on all mobile devices.

04:30am Los Angeles, USA time
10:30am Rio de Janeiro, Brazil time
12:30am UK, Portugal Time
13:30am Germany, Slovenia, Italy time
18:00pm Kolkata, India time
21:30pm Tokyo, Japan time
23:30pm Sydney, Australia time
01:30am (+1) Wellington, NZ time;

In case the transmission does not start on time it is very beneficial to remain in a meditative attitude until the broadcast commences. The transmission will always take place despite any delays unless previously communicated by email (at least one day in advance.)

Once the transmission starts, Tony Samara, may start by guiding us through a meditation. If he doesn’t in a verbal way, meaning he doesn’t state ‘we will now meditate,’ then the focus is to remain connected to the energy transmission, which in itself is a meditational experience that speaks to us in an intuitive way. This may be experienced as a sensation of physical expansion and lightness in an emotional, mental or energetic way.

Tony usually concludes each session with a Thank You, which simply means that the actual broadcast is concluded but the meditation and energy transmission continue to expand and manifest in subtle ways throughout the day.

Participants are most welcome to ask any questions by email or post them on Tony Samara’s YouTube channel, Twitter or Facebook pages. Answers will be made anonymously and may come through the transmission rather than from the words.

Please also remember that you can always enjoy Tony Samara's insights and meditations that can be found:

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