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Wise Democracy & Pattern Language Teleconference call with Tom Atlee

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Wise Democracy teleconference gathering on July 18th

A teleconference call gathering with Tom Atlee, facilitated by Andy Paice for people who are familiar with the Wise Democracy Pattern Language website and have spent at least 1 hour on it.

For this call we have decided to try something new: We are going to explore with you which patterns in the wise democracy pattern language are THE most fundamental.

Here’s our question for you to consider - one which we ourselves are considering seriously right now:
If we were only allowed to use a half dozen patterns, which ones would we pick?
Which six patterns, if applied well, would produce more than half the benefits of applying the entire pattern language?

We think we already know two of them - the two that were featured in Tom's last newsletter’s essay: "Using Diversity and Disturbance Creatively” and “Well-Utilized Life Energy”. But what about the other four?

We realized that trying to identify “the most basic patterns" would involve exploring a lot of patterns and asking WHY we thought each one was or was not truly fundamental. And then we realized that THAT would be a perfect “deep dive” to do with you! We’d ALL learn a lot and in the process we - Andy and Tom - would probably discover things that would help us build our new easy-access website.

Th 2 hour teleconference call will start at 10am Pacific Time on Tuesday 18th July.

This 4th call in the series of planned monthly events will be limited to just 20 participants on a first come, first served basis. (Please only register if you will attend!) Reserve your spot by booking a ticket here on Eventbrite. Registered participants will receive an instructional invitation 1 day before the event and a reminder 1 hour before the event. You may wish to download the software before then.

After the call is formally concluded, Tom and Andy will remain on Zoom for a while to hear input about your experience of the call, and any suggestions you may have for improving it. Anyone can also always contact us through or the site's comment sections.

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