Wizardry in Wood

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Carpenters' Hall

Throgmorton Avenue

London, United Kingdom

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Wed 12 - Sat 15 October 2016

Wizardry in Wood presents beautiful and amazing works demonstrating their makers’ mastery of the art and craft of woodturning.

The exhibition will feature works by over 70 leading UK and international contemporary turners.

Plus two extensive, curated collections of outstanding modern and historical pieces – from the Daniel Collection and the Economic Botany Collection at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Live demonstrations of the craft will be held every day and there will also be short guided talks of the exhibition. Entries and winners of the Turners' Company 2016 Competitions will also be on display.

Many works will be on sale at Wizardry in Wood. Exhibitors will also be available each day to show and discuss their work.

Wizardry in Wood is held in the spectacular and spacious Carpenters’ Hall in the heart of the City of London.


Single ticket: £10

Double ticket for two people £16

Student tickets are free of charge (see below)

For three people, please order one Single and one Double ticket. To order between four and six tickets (the maximum in one order) see the section below on Multiple Tickets.


When you order your ticket you will be asked to select the day you plan to come to Wizardry in Wood and to choose your arrival time.

There is no time limit on how long you can spend at the exhibition and re-entry passes are available so that you can leave Wizardry in Wood and return later the same day.

On Wednesday 12 Oct, Thursday 13 Oct and Friday 14 Oct the arrival times are:

  • Morning (arrive 10am - 12 noon)
  • Lunchtime (arrive 12 noon - 2pm)
  • Afternoon (arrive 2pm - 5pm: exhibition closes at 6pm)

On Saturday 15 Oct the exhibition closes at 4pm and the last entry will be at 3pm. The choice of arrival times on Saturday 15 October is therefore:

  • Morning (arrive 10am - 12 noon)
  • Lunchtime (arrive 12 noon - 2pm)
  • Afternoon (arrive 2pm - 3pm)

The day and entry time will be shown in the bottom left corner of the PDF ticket that you will receive by email from Eventbrite.

Most popular entry periods

By mid-September, the most popular days for booking tickets are Wednesday and Saturday. The most popular:

  • Morning is Wednesday (12 September)
  • Lunchtime is Saturday (15 September)
  • Afternoon is Thursday (13 September)


To meet the requirements of the HMRC Gift Aid scheme and ticketing system, only one of each ticket type can be selected in the same order. This is how to pay for tickets for between four and six people in the same order:

  • FOUR people: Select one Double ticket with donation AND one Double ticket without donation. (These tickets are selected with the same entry day/time.) If you would like to make a donation for both Double tickets, please make separate orders.
  • FIVE people: Select one Double ticket with donation AND one Double ticket without donation (these Double tickets are selected with the same entry day/time) AND one Single ticket (with or without donation). The Single ticket can be selected for a different entry day/time to the Double tickets. If you would like to make a donation with every ticket please purchase the second double ticket under a separate order.
  • SIX people: Select one Double ticket with donation AND one Double ticket without donation (the two Double tickets are selected with the same entry day/time) AND one Single ticket with donation AND one Single ticket without donation (the two Single tickets are selected with the same entry day/time, which can be different to the entry day/time selected for the Double tickets). If you would like to make a donation with every ticket please place two orders each for three people (each order comprising one Single ticket and one Double ticket).


GROUP tickets are available for groups of 10 or more at £8 per person. Please contact the Turners' Company to discuss your requirements by email (clerk@turnersco.com) or telephone 020 7236 3605.

STUDENT tickets are free of charge for full and part-time students 16-25 years (listed 5th in the TICKETS selection panel).  If you plan to come as a Student Group of more than 10 please let us know when you book your tickets (contact as above).

CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE of 15 years and younger are also free of charge. It is not necessary to book a ticket in advance but they must be accompanied by an adult (18 years and older).

The Early-bird Single and Double ticket prices above include an optional 10% donation to the Turners' Company Charity which will enable it to claim Gift Aid up to the full price of the ticket if you are a UK tax payer. Even if you are not a UK tax payer we would still appreciate this donation. Tickets excluding the Optional Donation are also available and are priced at £9.09(Single) and £14.54 (Double) and are listed 3rd and 4th in the GET TICKETS selection panel.


See the Ticketing page of the Wizardry in Wood website

If you require any additional information or guidance about tickets please email Matthew Gaved at gaved@btconnect.com or call +44 (0)7880 50 66 99.

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CHANGING TICKET: If for any reason you need to change the day or time of your ticket please email Matthew Gaved: gaved@btconnect.com with your name and/or Order Number. Tickets can be changed subject to availability and currently there are no restrictions.

REFUNDS: If you need to cancel your ticket/s entirely before your booked arrival day/time this can only be done through Eventbrite. We hope instead to see you at one of our future exhibitions.

RE-ENTRY passes: There are no catering facilities inside the exhibition or Carpenters’ Hall but many cafes and restaurants nearby on London Wall and around Liverpool Street Station. If you wish to return later the same day to Wizardry in Wood please retain your ticket and ask for a RE-ENTRY PASS before you leave the exhibition.

LATE ARRIVAL: If you arrive outside the time you have selected or on another day we will endeavour to admit you to the exhibition as quickly as possible, but you may have to wait for a while depending on the total number of visitors.

LOST TICKET? If you have lost your printed ticket please bring the information you have about your order and we will manually register your entry to the exhibition.

Wizardry in Wood 2016 will be the fourth exhibition held by the Worshipful Company of Turners to showcase the work of outstanding UK and international craftsmen. Wizardry in Wood was launched by the Turners’ Company in 2004 on the 400th anniversary of the granting of the Company’s Royal Charter in 1604. 

Featured Turners

Over 70 leading UK and international turners listed below will be featured at Wizardry in Wood 2016.

Exhibitors  are profiled on the Wizardry in Wood website with photos of their work, biographies and links to their personal websites. Works by turners designated DC are included in the display of the Daniel Collection. Exhibitors designated with * are included on a collective stand, all others will have individual stands. 

- A -

Nick Agar (Exhibitor*/UK)

Nick Arnull (DC/UK)

Benoit Averly (DC/France)

Eli Avisera (DC/Israel)

- B -

Roger Bennett (DC/Ireland)

Richard Bicheno (DC/UK)

Jerome Blanc (DC/France)

Tony Boase  (DC/UK)

Jason Breach (DC/UK)

Christian Burchard (DC/US)

Sally Burnett (Exhibitor* & DC/UK)

- C -

Marilyn Campbell (DC/Canada)

Seamus Cassidy (DC/Ireland)

Richard Chapman (Exhibitor*/UK)

Angus Clyne (Exhibitor/UK)

Andy Coates (Exhibitor/UK)

Paul Coker (Exhibitor/UK)

- D - E - F -

Luc DeRoo (DC/Belgium)

Melvyn Firmager (Exhibitor*/UK)

Richard Forgan (DC/UK)

- G -

Mark Gardner (DC/US)

Michael & Cynthia Gibson (DC/US)

Dennis & Pat Gleadell (DC/UK)

- H -

Dennis Hales (Exhibitor/UK)

Mick Hanbury (Exhibitor/UK)

Mark Hancock (Exhibitor/UK)

Reg Hawthorne (DC/UK)

Gerard Hennessy (DC/UK)

Petter Herud (DC/Norway)

Louise Hibbert (Exhibitor/UK)

Simon Hope (Exhibitor* & DC/UK)

Michael Hosaluk (DC/Canada)

Kevin Hutson (Exhibitor/UK)

- I - J - K -  

Phil Irons (Exhibitor/UK)

John Jordan (DC/US)

Richard Kennedy (Exhibitor*/UK)

Ray Key (Exhibitor & DC/UK)

Stuart King (Exhibitor/UK)

- L - 

Eleanor Lakelin (Exhibitor/UK)

Art Liestman (DC/Canada)

Carlyn Lindsay (Exhibitor/UK)

- M - 

Alain Mailland (DC/France)

Yann Marot (DC/France)

Rudiger Marquarding (DC/Germany)

Bert Marsh (DC/UK)

Gregory Miller (DC/UK)

Mike Morley (DC/UK)

Stuart Mortimer (Exhibitor/UK)

- N - O - 

Christophe Nancey (DC/France)

Pablo Nemzoff (DC/Israel)

Pascal Oudet (DC/France)

- P - Q - R -

Rodney Page (Exhibitor/UK)

Ray Patterson (DC/UK)

Binh Pho (DC/US)

Garry Rance (Exhibitor/UK)

Joey Richardson (Exhibitor/UK)

- S - 

Mark Sanger (Exhibitor*/UK)

Yasuhiro Satake (DC/Japan)

Betty Scarpino (DC/US)

Mike Scott (DC/UK)

Terry Scott (DC/New Zealand)

Hayley Smith (DC/US)

Butch Smuts (DC/South Africa)

- T - U - V -

Curt Theobald (DC/US)

Les Thorne (Exhibitor/UK)

Jacques Vesery (DC/US)              

- W - X - Y - Z

Hans Weissflog (DC/Germany)

John Wessels (DC/South Africa)

Don White (DC/UK)

Molly Winton (DC/US)

Rosemary Wright (DC/UK)

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Date and Time

Carpenters' Hall

Throgmorton Avenue

London, United Kingdom

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