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Work, Career & Inclusivity: Handling Pressure - Pushkin House

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Pushkin House, Holborn, London

5A Bloomsbury Square



United Kingdom

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Deadlines and responsibility can motivate and drive us for success, but only by learning to manage them can we avoid stress and perform well under pressure.

Pressure is a reality of modern life. In the right circumstances it can motivate us and boost performance, but too much can stop us working effectively and even make us ill. This session teaches the psychology of handling pressure and offers some practical tools for staying effective in pressurised environments.

Sometimes pressure can motivate us, but the wrong sort of pressure can lead to stress, our body’s emergency response that is harmful to our long-term health and performance.

Stress is a natural reaction but can be unhelpful when handling the pressures of the modern world. By understanding the psychology of pressure, what makes some situations stressful, the effects of stress on the mind, and how to balance pressure with resources, we can learn to manage ourselves and our workload more effectively, avoid stress and stay healthy and productive at work.

In this masterclass we will cover:

· How pressure affects our ability to work, and the relationship between pressure and stress.

· How we respond to pressure and the factors that make some situations stressful and others challenging.

· Ways to broadening your perspective and identify new resources to help you thrive in pressurised situations.

MINDAPPLES aims to teach us how our minds work so we can apply them more effectively to the things we do, allowing us to work both more smartly and more sustainably.

HCNW Host for the Evening: TBA

Organiser: Chris Jones

Posted: 12 March 2017

HCNW politely requests other CIBSE groups to avoid booking Central London events on the same day at exactly the same time.

Food, Wine and Networking afterwards - plus CIBSE HCNW Prizes

CIBSE HCNW Region takes great care to avoid wasted food. So if you do book through Eventbrite and realise you can't make it, please consider others who are less fortunate - please cancel your Eventbrite ticket (My Tickets, This Event, Cancel Order).

CIBSE HCNW EVENTS are chosen and arranged ENTIRELY by unpaid volunteers, committed to serving the Region community for professional CPD and the general interest of the wider public. CIBSE HCNW Region does not organise social or largely-social events.

ANY QUESTIONS: Please read the details below. "Contact The Organiser" which is quickest (there's a link on this page) rather than CIBSE HQ, thank you.

PUSHKIN HOUSE is a Registered Charity (313111), it is non-political, it supports art and culture.

MINDAPPLES our trainers for this event, is a Not-For-Profit organisation.

CIBSE is a Registered Charity (278104). It supports the delivery of art and science to the wider public. So as policy, HCNW Region seeks out charity venues, not only to maximise the number of events the Region can run within its limited CIBSE grant, but also to pursue CIBSE's charitable objects - by supporting other charities serving wider society.

REGIONS: Regional events not only offer technical insight, but also provide a forum for novel, alternative and sometimes incisive or critical views from speakers, which do not necessarily represent the views of CIBSE (nor HCNW Region).

FUNDING: This event is fully-funded by CIBSE HCNW Region from its charitable grant, about £7 per HCNW Member, per year. The Region Committee does not organise social events.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Nearest tube, Holborn (Piccadilly and Central). Holborn is very well-connected for buses.

MOTORISTS: There is an underground car park under Bloomsbury Square.

ACCESS: If you require assistance with the stairs to the basement, please get in touch.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Just to be clear, CIBSE HCNW and the premises reserve the right to refuse or withdraw admission and such a decision is final. Screens and audio are not cinema quality. Enjoyment of the event is subject to the limitations of the premises, speaker availability and our technical facilities executing what we intend them to do - technical performance is not guaranteed. CIBSE HCNW will not be liable for travel costs, parking charges, excess charges and fines, accommodation costs or the cost of any refreshments not provided at the event by CIBSE HCNW.

TICKETS & ADMISSION: Proof of membership* of CIBSE, or another body considered by CIBSE HCNW to be a Chartered or Licensed Body (eg. the IET, Energy Institute, etc) may be requested before being granted admission at the CIBSE Member rate.

GENERAL PUBLIC: The public are welcome by paid ticket (when fees reach a threshold, the fund may be donated by HCNW Region to the CIBSE Benevolent Fund), or the Region's hardship concession, if eligible.

RECORDING - PRIOR PERMISSION REQUIRED: The organisers insist that any intention to record (audio or video) any part of the event is announced and that consent is obtained from all those attending.

FOOD & REFRESHMENTS: 50/50 vegetarian/non-vegetarian, no other criteria. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements. To minimise waste, we under-order food, particularly for events starting later; so if you're hungry, arrive early. In London wine and soft drinks are served. Because of transport considerations, HCNW events outside London are alcohol-free.

REFUNDS: Requests for refunds must be submitted no later than 48 hours before the event starts. Members of the public joining up as a CIBSE Affiliate at or immediately after the event may be refunded on request.

BAGGAGE & POSSESSIONS: Please look after your possessions at all times. CIBSE HCNW and the venue cannot be held responsible for lost or missing items.

CANCELLATION: As with any event, this one is subject to cancellation. CIBSE HCNW will not be liable for travel costs, parking charges, excess charges and fines, accommodation costs or the cost of any refreshments not provided at the event by CIBSE HCNW. In the event of cancellation, CIBSE HCNW will refund deposits.

WAITLIST: Where an event is over-subscribed, CIBSE HCNW may add individual ticket requests to a Waitlist, or release tickets to individuals on the Waitlist in a priority order based upon previous booking and attendance patterns.

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Date and Time


Pushkin House, Holborn, London

5A Bloomsbury Square



United Kingdom

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