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Working with Psychedelics: Tools for Growth, Creativity, and Vision

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388 Atlantic Ave

388 Atlantic Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11217

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“The Third Wave is a new era of psychedelic use. It is an era of psychedelic use defined by practical, measured use for specific purposes. It is an era, not for ‘dropping-out’ and rebelling against society, but for integrating psychedelics into our mainstream culture. It is an era, not to fear psychedelics for their possible negative repercussions, but to embrace psychedelics for their tremendous upside.”

There is one modality that individuals across eons have used - often in secret - to better understand themselves, in both their professional work and personal lives.

This approach leverages non-ordinary methods to reach elevated states of consciousness, accelerating personal development, catalyzing creative breakthroughs, and unlocking realms of the mind previously unexplored.

When used within a structured framework, it is the only modality that creates dramatic, impactful change within just hours of utilization.

What we’re talking about, of course, is the psychedelic experience.

Steve Jobs called it one of the most profound experiences of his life.

Tim Ferriss, best-selling author and tech entrepreneur, has said that all the billionaires he knows, with few exceptions, take this journey on a regular basis.

And Plato formed his foundational beliefs by utilizing the psychedelic experience, thus setting the groundwork for all of Western philosophy.

And now we’re taking this secret and facilitating a workshop in the heart of NYC so you can learn about the practical knowledge and wisdom that has accumulated over 50 years of experimentation and research.

What is the focus of the workshop?

The focus of the workshop is to give you the educational tools to deepen your understanding of how to utilize psychedelics in a meaningful, transformative manner. Most of our work will focus on orienting the psychedelic experience - both in microdoses and higher doses - towards productive outcomes, like improved creativity, better relationships, and a greater sense of agency in one’s life.

Who is facilitating the workshop?

This 4-hour long workshop will be facilitated by Paul Austin, founder of The Third Wave, social entrepreneur, public speaker, and author of Microdosing Psychedelics: A Practical Guide to Upgrade Your Life.

Paul is also the co-facilitator of Synthesis, a psilocybin truffle retreat in Amsterdam oriented towards a deeper sense of self-understanding and self-knowledge.

Paul has facilitated numerous workshops on the relationship between psychedelics and optimal states of being - both at private events and at conferences. You can see more about his work here.

Paul will be joined by Geoff Hanzlik, an executive coach who has worked with ayahuasca for 20 years to facilitate personal growth and leadership development across various industries and professions; Anthony David Adams, a coach whose client roster includes client roster includes Silicon Valley Founders, Hollywood Actresses, The United Nations, BMW, and Google; and Maxi Cohen, an award-winning artist and filmmaker whose work is in the permanent collections of numerous museums, including MoMA, the Whitney Museum for American Art, New York, and the National Gallery of Canada, in Ottawa.

What will be covered in the workshop?


  • All the ins-and-outs of microdosing, focusing on how to optimize a microdosing protocol to improve quality of life

  • How to set up an ideal day for microdosing that orients towards your specific purpose

  • How to cultivate clarity in your intention for microdosing so you have a much better chance of seeing positive results from it

Higher Doses:

  • What research exists, thus far, on the relationship between responsible psychedelic use and creativity, innovation, and problem-solving

  • How to set up your own transformative psychedelic session

    • How to cultivate intention in the preparatory session; how to set up the actual session; how to integrate the session

  • Insights from the participating panelists in their own use of psychedelics and how they’ve helped to facilitate personal growth, development, and leadership ability

  • Shared tips and tricks we gleaned from applying this knowledge in a retreat setting at Synthesis, including ideal preparation, stories from participants, and initial data on the efficacy of these substances to facilitate growth

When the workshop is finished, you will go home with the following:

  • An understanding of how to facilitate your own psychedelic experiences - both in microdoses and higher doses - to facilitate improved creativity, better relationships, and a greater sense of autonomy.

  • Knowledge of how to construct an ideal microdosing protocol to improve your overall well-being, including preparation, managing the process, and integration

  • Connection with a community of people in NYC who are interested in utilizing psychedelics in a responsible, intentional framework to facilitate an improvement in quality of life

  • An understanding of the risks of psychedelics, including microdosing, and how to ensure you have the best experience possible while minimizing potential downsides

What is the flow of the workshop?

  • Intro meditation to ground us in presence and curiosity

  • 1 hour interactive lecture on the relationship between psychedelic use and generating a deeper understanding of self (including creativity and leadership)

  • Small group discussion on how to apply knowledge gleaned from the lecture to one’s own experience

  • A short break of 15 minutes

  • Three guest speakers who have extensive experience with the intersection of psychedelics and the betterment of well-being (15-20 minute talk with 5-10 minutes for questions)

  • FAQ of guest speakers and Paul

  • Closing actionables and take-home gifts

  • Time to network and build relationships with other participants

Outside of the practical knowledge gained from attending this 4-hour workshop, attendees will also have the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals who also want to utilize psychedelics in a responsible, intentional manner to facilitate creativity, personal development, and deep self-reflection.

All revenue generated from this workshop will go to supporting The Third Wave and our efforts to improve psychedelic literacy through our website. We have filed as a non-profit in the state of Delaware, and are working towards 501(c)3 non-profit status.

Do you have any questions about the workshop? Please send us an e-mail at and we will get back to you immediately.


Geoff Hanzlik:

As a professional coach, Geoff works with startup founders and their teams to develop critical skills for effective, resilient leadership. He also helps transitioning professionals create significant change in their career trajectories. Clients are from varied backgrounds (fashion, finance, media, entertainment) who have achieved remarkable success and now seek to create something new utilizing their talents, experience, and joy.

For the past 15 years, Geoff has made this his life’s work, helping hundreds of clients as a psychotherapist and executive coach. He has used this knowledge to pioneer his own unique methods for helping clients break decades-old habits of thinking, behavior, and emotions to create exponential growth in their lives and work.

Geoff is based in New York City. He is a senior expert at Neuberg, Gore & Associates, Head of People at Venture One Capital Management, and a private coach for a diverse set of leaders and creatives around the world.

Finally, Geoff has participated in over 500+ ayahuasca rituals in the Santo Daime religion as a musician, facilitator, and student.

Anthony David Adams:

Anthony David Adams is an American entrepreneur, artist, and transformational coach.

He was named "Top 25 Bloggers in the World" by TIME Magazine; a "marketing and PR genius" by AdWeek; “the Real life Ferris Bueller" by SiriusXM and his work has been featured in hundreds of media outlets including The New York Times, Forbes, TIME, CNN, Fox, BusinessWeek, and Entrepreneur.

Anthony's client roster includes Silicon Valley Founders, Hollywood Actresses, The United Nations, BMW, and Google. You can find his patented inventions, books and art in the homes of thousands around the world and on the shelves of retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Ritz Carlton Hotels.

Faced with his own life-threatening mental health challenges, Anthony embraced a path of deep inner exploration rather than accept the grim prognosis from Western psychiatric medicine and a lifetime of mind-numbing pharmaceuticals. Though classically trained in psychology, it is his mystic deconstruction of psychosis and rebuilding his psyche from scratch that informs his current work.

Anthony lives in Park Slope Brooklyn with his fiancé Emily and can be found most mornings playing Ultimate Frisbee in Prospect Park.

Maxi Cohen:

Maxi Cohen is an award-winning artist and filmmaker based in New York City. Her films, photographs and multimedia installations have been exhibited internationally and are in the permanent collections of numerous museums, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Whitney Museum for American Art, New York, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, and the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. Her films have played in movie theatres, film festivals and television around the world.

Further, she has made films for SNL, Fox Television, ARTE and developed series for the BBC, CPB, HBO and Turner.

In response to governments internationally misunderstanding ayahausca, Maxi made a film about the Santo Daime, a church emanating from Brazil that drinks Ayahausca, called the “Holy Give Me”.

Distressed that people were being persecuted for something that could do such good, Maxi began to ask these questions and search for the truth. If people were being healed of everything from dyslexia to terminal cancer, making years of psychoanalytic progress in a single session--and were experiencing these miracles within the context of a legal church in Brazil--why should this elixir that facilitates communion with the Divine be worthy of punishment by numerous governments? What impact do the indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest have on a modern world that seeks to burn the last untouched gifts of the earth?

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Date and Time


388 Atlantic Ave

388 Atlantic Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11217

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