YES TO LIFE! - a transformative retreat in Northern Scotland

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Newbold House

111 Saint Leonards Road


IV36 2RE

United Kingdom

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What if you could become your future self sooner?

Allow yourself the luxury to take a little time-out and meet those who matter the most:

Encounter yourself.

Encounter those you share this world with.

"IMAGINE" is a four days retreat in Northern Scotland where you are invited to a deep life-transformative process. Whether you want to question your routine, unfold your potential, increase happiness, overcome negative & destructive patterns or simply seek deep soul-nourishing connections - you will find all of this at this magic and safe space.

DAY 1: Say yes to yourself.

Practise kindness towards yourself, take in self-appreciation, embrace mistakes and let go of everything that does not serve you. Look at yourself in the mirror at the end of this day and smile.

DAY 2: Say yes to love.

Love is not all hollywood movies. It is the tubeface next to you, the girl that serves you coffee. You just forgot about this since you are busy checking E-Mails on your smart-phone. Day 2 takes you back from virtual to real connections. This is the end of having boring conversations.

DAY 3: Say yes to conflict.

The people on the retreat represent the world we live in: there will be Corporate team leaders in suits and art students in Converse shoes. Become aware of judgments you hold and practise to keep the connection in situations of disagreement.

DAY 4: Say yes to change.

Harvest the collective wisdom of the group, be witnessed in your self-development. Reflect the impact that has happened, find your allies amongst the others. Leave with an action plan that beholds the change your life and this world need.

Retreat facilitator Valerie Kattenfeld has a ten years background in performing arts which are used as the main tools during the retreat. Instead of using life as a source of theater production she flips it around and uses acting as a technique to practise real life situations. The theater work will be combined with a variety of movement-activities and dance, creative writing, sharings, playful exercises and music. Valerie founded her social start-up "The Healing Encounter" in April 2018. Worldwide she invites people to step out of their social bubbles, meet those who think/live differently in a safe non-judgmental space and discover what connects them as human beings. The aim to deepen social interactions and to arrive to a trusting, peaceful and loving attitude towards life has alread led to many successful "Healing Encounters" in Austria, the UK, Vietnam, Tanzania and Israel and interest of international press (Reuters Television, The Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard, etc).

The Newbold House is possibly the most precious space for wellbeing, self-development and mindfulness you can find in the UK. Located just next to a fairytale-forest and a short drive from the stunning rough coastline with an archaic ocean, it is as well part of the community of Findhorn (which is famous for their spiritual connection with nature and their HUGE vegetables). The beauty of the space surely plays its role in terms of soul-nourishment and reflection. The homegrown food will serve as ingredients for our daily homemade healthy vegetarian cuisine.

The price includes all workshop experiences, learning material, food and accommodation in shared sleeping rooms. This is a smart-phone free event. People of all backgrounds, political/sexual orientation, age and religions are welcome.


“That was thoughtful, caring, amazing, honest, brave, well structured & organised. So much to say, to share, to hear, to support, to co-support, to learn.”

“What I learned in Valerie's workshop I can use in all relationships and at work.”

"It is the first time that I am comfortable with myself, comfortable to tell my problem. It is not just an acting thing, it is discovering myself."

"Valerie is absolutely great in holding space, guiding the group through the process and first of all showing and sharing herself deeply."

"Ranging from expressing and sharing your deepest failures to finding a common voice and guiding each other blindfolded, the workshop offered a multitude of different activities."

"Especially the last exercise had an impact on me, it was very real, raw: I was looking in the eye of somone of the other side of the Brexit divide and feeling that on a human level we could (or have to) overcome wariness - and connect."

"This is an amazing possibility for true human connection. We share more than what divides us and this becomes so clear in Valerie's workshop. She does a great job in helping us form these connections and to let go of our labels."


Special offer for the first 4 bookings:
£450 per person.

Super-early bird until Nov 7th:
£500 per person.

Early-bird until Dec 31st:
£600 per person.

Regular price from Jan 1st 2019:
£700 per person.

Pay £100 more and support someone in financial difficulty, so they can afford the retreat!

Pay £50 less and sleep in a tent!

Please get in touch if you have any further questions! E-Mail Valerie:

Once you have saved your spot here you will receive further information with my bank details and payment plan (the full price is due one week after the reservation via eventbrite). If your plans change you can find another participant to substitute you and transfer your ticket.

Date and Time


Newbold House

111 Saint Leonards Road


IV36 2RE

United Kingdom

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