You are a Movement Workshop Series
€15 – €500
You are a Movement Workshop Series

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You are a Movement Workshop Series

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Knowmads Business School

62 Ferdinand Huyckstraat

1061 Amsterdam


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How to develop your life so you feel alive with purpose and meaning? How can you make a difference that matters? How to have impact? And most likely, how are you already having an impact? This world needs more changemakers; people who are part of the solution of the big issues in our world and time. To answer these questions we’ll look closer at aspects no other training, certainly no school, seems to address.


Now is the time to become a director of your own life and make things better for you and the world around you. In this series we look at essential tools to answer questions like: How to be a rebel, innovator, artist, changemaker, no matter what your position is in society? How to transform your life or job into something more fulfilling? How to make change happen? How to start a movement?

We’ll look at the messiness of change. The importance of feeling alive and human. The importance of mystery and magic in life. How play is an educational revolution in itself. And, quite essential, finding your own answers within yourself.


These evenings are for everyone who resonates with this call! And for everyone caught in the wrong job, not having the time to do Knowmads full time, too old/young to do Knowmads, seeking more like minded spirits, wanting to make a difference, wanting to come alive, seeking purpose. You’re all kindly invited.


★Deeper acceptance of who you are and your role in this world.
★Deeper understanding how change works and what you are contributing to.
★Easier steps to action and if needed gentle rebellion
★Play rebellion, play design, fun theorie, foolkido
★Finding meaning in life and work. Breaking out of inner and outer boxes.
★Making a difference made easy.

Practical Info

When: Monday Evenings, 19:30 – 22:00

Where: Knowmads Business School, Ferdinand Huyckstraat 64, 1061 HW Amsterdam.

Price (incl. VAT):
Reduced: €15,- per night, €100 for the whole series.
Professional: €50,- per night, €500 for the whole series. (with which you support the development of the lower priced participants).

Payment through Eventbrite.

Language: English.

Series vs Workshop: Every night will be a night on its own. But following the whole series does have added value.

The Series

1. Mon. 3 Okt: The Gentle Revolution

It’s already happening all over the world, and if you feel called to be here, you most likely are part of it or seek to be. Let’s become the (R)evolution everyone wants to dance in! Let’s help and inspire each other to grow and make positive change happen. This night is about starting of this series, sharing stories, networking and some self discovery about what kind of revolutionary you are and or can be.

Evening hosted by Floris Koot.

2. Mon. 10 Oct: The Magical Reality

Looking at and embracing of the unexplainable, magical moments in life and guidance and or lessons. Many people had mystical experiences. This evening is about sharing stories about these experiences and how they transformed our lives. Prepare for an evening outside the boundaries of the material world and scientific explanation. Go see where wonder happens.

Evening in collaboration with Jorden Henk Hilstra.

NB: Program confirmed uptill here.

3. Mon. 24 Oct: Turning failure into contribution

How failure is a contribution. This evening we work on your failures and the value they have in your development and that of others.

Evening presented together with Aukje IJpma from Community4starters and/or Mies Witkamp.

4. Mon. 31 Oct: Social Courage

An evening on overcoming fears, the need for more social courage and how our inner sheep block a lot of change opportunities.

Evening offered in collaboration with Over the Moon.

5. Mon. 14 Nov: You in your world

Diverse ways of connecting and balancing inner and outer world. Also a miniature vision quest may happen.

Evening offered in collaboration with Martine Verweij of GreenBridges.

6. Mon. 21 Nov: Night of the Rebel

An evening for rebels, outsiders, people who feel alien, artist and how to deal with the pain, gift, trouble of being a rebel or prophet amidst people who don’t recognize or value your role?

Evening offered with Charles Davies.

7. Mon. 28 Nov: Intuition training

What if your body contained so much more wisdom than you were aware? How to access that wisdom? How to distinct intuition form anxieties? And how to find your flow?

Evening offered in collaboration with Bahar Farshchi Jamshidabady.

8. Mon. 12 Dec: Creation from the Heart

When you can listen within, the art of creation, finding solutions that fit and matter, somehow becomes more fluid and easy. This night is about understanding and seeking this skill.

Evening offered in collaboration with Ewoud Venema.

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Knowmads Business School

62 Ferdinand Huyckstraat

1061 Amsterdam


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