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Community Hall attached to Box Cafe

47 Norfolk Street



United Kingdom

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'Times, they are a changin' - Bob Dylan

It's a new year and for so many of us it's a time to reflect, acknowledge, learn, and where needed, make change.

Change has so many emotions attached to it - fear, excitement, anxiety, sadness, eagerness and so many more. For us at You Can Hub, there's big changes happening. While the change is in our hands, we still feel all of these things. So, we thought we'd bring you one final event as The You Can Hub that you know and love.

Yes, that's right, I said final event, at least as the existing version of You Can.

Did you know that 7 is a number of a cycle, of reflection, of learning? A time for some things to come to an end in order for others to begin. Well, You Can Hub has now been running for over 7 years. While I've never really thought about numbers in this way before, this time, it fits exactly with what we are doing at You Can Hub. We've taken months of intense reflection and now, we are ready to celebrate how far we've come and to make some pretty big changes.

Are you?

This is event is all about change...yours and ours.

Here's what you can expect:

  • to reflect and celebrate what You Can has achieved these past 7 years

  • to reflect and celebrate what you have achieved this past year

  • to hear where You Can is going next

  • to think about where you are going next

Oh, and there will be delicious vegetarian friendly nibbles and a chance to mingle, laugh and to enjoy the company of the others in our amazing community.

This a free event, though donations on the day are greatly appreciated and will help pay for food and with the next phase of You Can Hub.

Who is this event for?

  • The people we have loved and (hopefully) love us!: If you have attended Misfit Local, have been to our amazing You Can Bike Too project, helped people through Get Tech, or just know us and have connected with us in another way, we want to see you.

  • Our cheerleaders and hand holders: Our amazing volunteers, mentors, funders, partners and incredible extended support network. You are who have helped us get to where we are. We want to celebrate you.

  • The people of our future: Our community is pivoting. We will now focus in on helping Ordinary Superparents. We are just normal parents surprising ourselves by doing extraordinary everyday adventures. If you know us already, or don't but are intrigued, come find out more and meet other parents too.

And of course, you are someone who fancies looking at our decisions about change and using them to reflect on the changes you may see in your life this year.

We can't wait to see you there!


Oh and for you curious folk...

*** A sneak peek at the changes at You Can Hub***

You Can Hub, the organisation that has run Misfit Local, You Can Bike Too, Get Tech, Ordinary Superparents, The Impossibles, Danger Lou and the Robot of Mediocrity and has helped so many people feel loved and like they can.

We started You Can Hub to help us figure out what each of us are good at, love to do and how we can best make a positive dent on the world….we have succeeded! Each of us now has much more clarity and naturally, this moves us in different directions.

Many of us are moving on to new adventures. Lou Shackleton is stepping down as director to focus on writing and her health. Ruth Brannan is following You Can Bike Too over to Cambridge Sport Lakes Trust (at Milton Country Park), where she will continue to volunteer, while spending the rest of her time focusing on her family and finding her next adventure.

Our existing projects are now being run by our incredible partners. You Can Bike Too is officially being fully run by the very capable hands over at Cambridge Sports Lakes Trust.

We will be saying goodbye to our all ability Check It Out team, who have helped us ensure that we meet our mission. They have succeeded! With our community now narrowing, we will instead be tapping into the minds of parents to help us move forward. Don't worry, stealth inclusion is still very much a value of ours moving forward.

We are narrowing our focus, and with this, comes a natural pivot to focusing on our parent community. Mel Findlater will be leading the organisation forward and with this focusing in on her Ordinary Superparent community. With an existing community of over 100 members, taking the time to build this up further only makes sense for this mum of a beautiful toddler and one on the way.

*(Re)introducing Ordinary Superparents

  1. The community will narrow: to Ordinary Superparents...ordinary parents wanting to do extraordinary things through every day adventure
  2. Mission: To help parents see possibility through every day adventure - in turn raising a generation of children who believe they can
  3. The feels: A place where parents come to be human - to grow, to connect, to make mistakes, to learn, to be inspired, to take action
  4. How: A community both online and offline, with events, facilitated adventures, inspiration, and connection.
  5. Values: Work is play, stealth inclusion (everyone can), adventure is a mindset, live/learn/grow

Come along to hear more!

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Date and Time


Community Hall attached to Box Cafe

47 Norfolk Street



United Kingdom

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