4 Ways to Accelerate Growth
4 Ways to Accelerate Growth Using Event Technology
Ready to boost attendance and ticket sales this year?
How can I reach new audiences?
Here are 3 important ways Eventbrite helps you spread the word.
Built-in social media tools
Events are about bringing people together. Eventbrite has built-in social sharing tools, so potential attendees can receive automatic emails when their Facebook friends buy tickets.
More digital real estate
Tap millions of ticket buyers with a free listing on Eventbrite.co.uk
Maximise mobile conversion
Eventbrite helps you optimise conversion with seamless mobile optimisation.
For their 2016 events InMotion have sold 50% of their tickets via mobile. Our seamless mobile flows and 2 step payment process makes it more easy for them to sell tickets via mobile.
How can I earn more money with my event?
Are you on track to achieve ticket sales goals? Here’s how Eventbrite turns numbers into actionable insights, and gives you control of seating and pricing.
Where are ticket sales coming from?
With real-time analytics, you can view sales by geography, ticket type, or any custom date range.
Are you maximising box office revenue?
Earn more from the best seats in the house using the Eventbrite seat designer. Access your seating assignments and seat maps via mobile — even while the event is taking place.
How can you sell more at the door?
The Eventbrite mobile app can tell you who’s checked in, and lets you keep selling tickets at the door.

We were able to create two queues for on site management of visitors, one for pre-purchased tickets online and the other for purchases at the gate. It was interesting to see the visitors who had observed the faster moving queues for the pre-purchased tickets.

Typically, the queue for the pre-purchased tickets was short meaning that these visitors could enter the showground in just two minutes. Many visitors were heard commenting that they ‘should have booked online,' especially those with families.

CORK SUMMER SHOW, a family festival celebrating agriculture, food, music, home and garden.
How do I wow my guests?
First impressions matter — delight your fans at the gate. For larger events, the Eventbrite radio-frequency identification (RFID) solution can be the key to giving guests a great first impression.
Cut the line
Get attendees in the door faster.
Empower your customers
Attendees can view or manage their orders anywhere, in real–time.
See how Outlook & Dimensions delights thousands of revellers with Eventbrite
How can I work smarter?
Your event platform should connect with all of your favorite apps. Eventbrite offers more than 100 free extensions — use them to power your email marketing, surveys, relationship management, and more.
Survey integrations made simple
Get feedback fast with built-in surveys from apps like SurveyMonkey, and easily send different surveys by ticket type or attendance status.
Make email easy
Easily email attendees and fans with connections to leading automation platforms like MailChimp, Hubspot, Emma, and Eloqua.
Sync your CRM
For a 360-degree view of your audience, tap into Eventbrite’s extensions with customer relationship management platforms including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and the Raiser's Edge.
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