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Turn Up Your Ticket Sales

Your music ticketing and promotion partner—from setup to sellout to lights out.

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Turn Up Your Ticket Sales

Your music ticketing and promotion partner—from setup to sellout to lights out.

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Why do thousands of promoters and organisers use Eventbrite?

Because we make it easy to set up, manage, and sell out music events— from intimate shows to full-blown festivals.

  • Boost sales by getting social

    Built-in social sharing tools like Facebook drive an additional £2.25 in ticket sales every time your event is shared.

  • Customise your event page

    Create your own event page to match your own brand. Include multiple ticket types, discount codes, merchandise and more.

  • Gain audience insights

    Real-time reporting and analytics help you understand your fans, make better decisions, and sell more tickets.

  • Attract new fans

    We send e-newsletters to recommend events to 12 million fans, and notify them when their friends are attending.

  • Get fans through the door

    Our reliable scanners and entry management technology keep lines moving and fans happy.

  • Feel our support 24/7

    Our seasoned in-house team provides round-the-clock customer service for you and your fans.

Customer Spotlight

"We wanted a long-term ticketing partner that has the technology, scale, and experience to reach more fans. Eventbrite is the right partner – and we're already seeing results."

– Disco Donnie Presents

Customer Spotlight

"This was the first time we ran our ticketing through Eventbrite and it's been an absolutely great experience. I'd like to keep using Eventbrite for as long as we possibly can."

Warren Le Sueur, Jersey Live

Customer Spotlight

"Partnering with Eventbrite improved our experience before, during, and after the concert. Our sales were up and the data that Eventbrite was able to provide offered far more insight into our attendees than any ticketing platform we've used before."

- Kevin Lyman, Creator, Warped Tour

Customer Spotlight

"Ticketing is the most important part of the festival from a business standpoint. We knew that Eventbrite could play multiple roles for us: from early planning to online ticketing to having staff on site on the day of show."

– Tom Russell, Founders Entertainment

Some of Our Clients

  • £1.4 billion ticket sales and counting

  • 180 million tickets sold

  • 60,000 concerts and festivals in 2013