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Online Event Registration

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Eventbrite Connects Creators to Attendees

Eventbrite supports event creators in 170 countries

  • 265M

    Tickets issued in 2018

  • 3.9M

    Events in 2018

  • 795K

    Event organisers in 2018

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Create Beautiful Event Website Pages

Create an event page today - always free for free events

add to facebook

Professional out-of-the-box listing page

Up your game with a beautifully designed event page.

Select your Facebook Page

Embed checkout on your own site

Give your website visitors an easy checkout experience and keep them on your site.

Create a custom branded website

Let us design and build a unique web presence for you.

Need help? Check out this step-by-step guide.

Eventbrite Partners with Facebook

Facebook Integration

Eventbrite organisers who use our Facebook integration see twice as many registrations for free events and 20% more sales for paid events.


Sell way more tickets on Facebook

Start selling tickets directly on your Facebook page in just two minutes by connecting your Eventbrite account to Facebook.

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The perfect software for registrations

Beautiful event registration pages that look great on any device.
Easily collect registration information and email attendees their registration summaries
Eventbrite makes setting up different tiers of registration and discounts easy

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Manage Smarter with reports and data at your fingertips.

Track sales in real time from any device with 24/7 access to more than 15 different reports and chart views.

Oh yeah, we work with that

Save time and simplify your operations. Take advantage of integrations with 100+ apps and services, from marketing automation to day-to-day efficiency tools.

Frequently asked questions

Can I change my package?
Yes! You can change your package at any time. Upgrades will apply immediately to all your live and drafted events, so you can take advantage of Professional product capabilities. Downgrades will apply only to events created after you make the change.
How do I create an event page?
Our event creation process is designed to be lightweight — you can get an event live on Eventbrite, for free, in just 3 main steps on the Edit page (Event Details, Create Tickets, and Additional Account Settings). To get started, sign up or log in to your Eventbrite account.
Can I make tickets for an event for free?
Yes! Both our Essentials and Professional products are free for free tickets — we only charge you each time you sell a paid ticket. Organisers with only free events have access to everything in Essentials, and everything in Professional except for phone, chat, or email support.
Learn how to make tickets for an event for free.
How to set up online registration for an event
If you have any trouble at all with setting up your event, we also have a 24/7 support team you can reach by phone and email, so you can be confident we’re always there to help!
Our blog has a full step-by-step guide here.
Do packages and prices differ by location or currency?
Eventbrite's pricing is based on your package. Packages differ slightly based on feature availability for each region, and price tiers determined by the event's currency.
Click here to see packages and pricing for every supported currency.
What is a "ticket type"?
A ticket type is a unique combination of name, price, and availability that you create to create demand or appeal to different audiences. For example, an event with "General Admission - Early Bird", "General Admission - Regular", and "VIP" has 3 ticket types.