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Eventbrite for your team

Take control of your ticketing


Venda ingressos em um site sem lag

Assim como uma conexão instável estraga a experiência de jogar online, um site que não suporta um alto volume de tráfego com segurança, prejudica a sua venda de ingressos!
A Eventbrite é a líder global em venda de ingressos e tem o site mais seguro do mercado


Technology should move you forward not hold you back

  • Manage Your Box Office

    Create a 100% mobile-optimised event page and start selling tickets in minutes.

  • Own Your Field Operations

    Get advice and recommendations about onsite logistic needs.

  • Account Managed Support

    Onboard your team and learn how to unlock the self-service platform to deliver a more complex event.

Save time and grow your business with a proven technology partner

  • “We have been using Eventbrite to administer ticketing for the event since 2013. Prior to this, the team used different registration methods and also sold tickets through Runners World - meaning two sets of data. Now we have everything in one place and a truly integrated system which makes it simple to reconcile reports and revenue from event.”