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1000 Black Boys (the Social Enterprise Arm of Get Hench)

1000 Black Boys is the Social Enterprise arm of Get Hench and is committed to inspiring Black Boys and young Black Men (10-25 years) to unleash their potential and live a life full of purpose. We organise Inspirational events with our Partners to achieve this objective.

Our events have Inspirational Speakers, Coaches and Mentors who are passionate about Black Boys, young Black Men and the Black Community. They include workshops, mindset and fitness sessions.

There are 4 main objectives to our events:

1. We want to provide Black Boys and young Black Men with inspiration and clarity of purpose.

2. We want to give organisations that are doing great work with young people a platform to speak and showcase what they do.

3. We want to connect these organisations together so that they can provide an even stronger provision for those that need it.

4. We want to give Black Boys and young Black Men access to these organisations so that they can provide them with continuing mentorship, apprenticeships or whatever support they need post-event.