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We are GBCon, a quarterly dedicated day of board gaming where our mission is to ensure that everyone has a good time, makes new friends and gets to take part in lots of games.

You see in this world of smartphones, Netflix and video games we are losing the marvellous yet simple experience of just sitting down with some chums and then beating them mercilessly at a board game of choice.

But fret no longer my good friend, we welcome all, including you (yes you, really), to choose a game and to sit at a table filled with like-minded chaps and chapesses. Your day will be filled with fun, frolics, frivolity and dare I say it a certain degree of cunning ruthlessness.

GBCon days run between 10am-10pm one Saturday in every quarter. We ask for a small token of payment which goes towards the venue hire and then the friendly hosts of the con will help to guide you through your day of gaming.

The games are many and varied but you'll find no Monopoly or Backgammon here. At GBCon we have a plethora of games taken from the gaming renaissance that is happening as we speak. Games such as Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Blood Rage, Cash and Guns, Firefly, Mission Red Planet, Cosmic Encounter, The Resistance to name but a few.

The venue is Lopping Hall, 189 High Road, Loughton, Essex, IG10 4LF

See our events list for the upcoming gaming days.

We look forward to enjoying tea, a game and maybe a tipple or two with you.

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