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Good Hemp, the UK’s most loved hemp brand, in partnership with GoBoat is giving Londoners the chance to captain their own Good Hemp Boatanical Experience this summer. The completely free experience will allow you to break away from the daily grind and enjoy the city from a new perspective.


  • Crews of up to 7 people per boat can hop on board.
  • All attendees given a complimentary vegan hamper stocked with hemp milk coffees, shakes and brownies
  • Environmentally friendly with carbon neutral & the most sustainable milk, electric boats and recycled materials.
  • Picturesque 1 hour journey from Paddington, through Little Venice to Regent’s Park and back again.
  • Just choose your preferred time to book your slot! PLEASE NOTE: 1 TICKET IS FOR ONE PERSON. 


Back on dry land, the Good Hemp coffee kiosk will be serving free drinks at Paddington Central Floating Market from the 14th - 18th August and along the canals from Paddington to Camden between 23rd – 26th August and 30th August – 1st September.


Good Hemp believe nothing changes if nobody changes. They have been making delicious food with hemp seeds for over twenty years. Hemp tastes good, is good for you and good for the planet. It is packed with good fats, overflowing with Omega 3, 6 and 9 – in fact one glass of hemp milk has more than twice the Omega – 3 than a tuna steak. Hemp is a carbon neutral plant- it absorbs four times more CO2 than it releases and grows without the need for herbicides and pesticides.


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To attend the Good Hemp Boatanical Experience, please book in your slot from the below dates and times!

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