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When it comes to trying new things and being professionally or personally vulnerable, we often prefer to know that there are others on that journey with us - it feels somehow safer and enables us to be more bold and brave.

A Herd To Run With is a sociable ‘herd’ where people interested in creating better and new ways of working, can come together to share, collaborate and redesign work as we know it to make it better – for everyone.

Why run with us?
Our curated events will put you in the same room with leading, innovative, new thinkers, and business peers who are testing and trying new, unique ways of working. They will share with you the what, why, how and their results – good and bad.

Whether you are from a small start up or part of a larger, established, business - you will all want to answer the same question ‘how do we make work better?’. You will get to share and co-create you own ideas whilst being part of an empathetic support network.

Join us in redesigning and reinventing ways of working, from how we manage talent to tackling diversity and the processes we need in between. Let’s start a revolution.

Join in with the conversation on twitter by using #AHTRW or become a member for FREE by signing up via our website:

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