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Access 1st - Enhancing Capability

Access 1st - Enhancing Capability 

Study Needs Assessments for Students in Higher Education
Inclusion, Learning and Wellbeing

Penny Georgiou, Founder of Access 1st, has been involved in specialist education for over 20 years coordinating services and facilitating individual solutions, often in response to obstacles that seemed impossible to shift. Working one to one with students enables us to discern some key elements that are valuable for the school setting. 

In terms of volume Penny's work has mainly been with students in HE (with a specialism in SpLD/ADHD, mental health and autism spectrum conditions), while also consulting with teachers and parents in cases involving younger pupils from 8 years old. Finding that many of the key issues, as well as many of the most effective adjustments, are common for both children and adults offers clues about the learning process itself. Her research interests now turn on extending our understanding of how learners learn (be they children, adults, or professionals) and applying this to creating conditions that allow learning to happen with ease and with cumulative success. 

Penny says,

"So often, I see small changes make a big difference for students. Starting with the small, simple adjustments applied consistently quickly begins turning a seemingly impossible situation around. The priority is in extending our understanding of how learning happens, which first of all allows us to reduce overwork: for teachers, for learners and for parents. This freeing up of resources (emotional, timebound, financial and more) results in new learning opportunities and an upward momentum for real steady, and sometimes dramatic, progress."

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