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Adrenaline Shots Comics

Adrenaline Shots Live is the theatrical division of Adrenaline Shots Comics, the cult Sci-Fi & Horror webcomic anthology featured in publications such as Fortean Times and Rue Morgue magazines. Adrenaline Shots work with some of the best talent in the comics and illustration fields, including the likes of regular Mondo artists Matt Ryan Tobin and Robert Sammelin, renowned Warhammer artist Mark Gibbons, film artist Ian Miller (Shrek, Cool World, Wizards), David Rowe (creator of legendary British television series "Knightmare"), and award winning "Bone Yard" creator Richard Moore. Adrenaline Shots also work with up and coming talent and the current roster includes the likes of rising stars Joanne Kwan, Gabby Vee, Ricky Fang and Edmondo Barbosa. It is Adrenaline Shots' mission to create entertaining stories with original characters in both printed and theatrical mediums, in innovative ways.

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