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Adventure Bushcraft UK

Here at Adventure Bushcraft we feel that being outdoors is a fantastic experiance and can be very primal wheather thats standing on the top of a mountain or deep in the forest, it should not feel like an ordeal to be endured. With a few valuable survival skills under your belt and a little planning and preparation you quickly move from merely surviving into actually being able to enjoy your surroundings.

This course will help you learn to recognise and be able to utilise the resources that are readily available to us.


We want help people reconnect with nature and the great outdoors, there is something very magical in waking up and seeing your surroundings right there. Of being able to set a fire that will offer you warmth all night, and safe water to drink. 


 If this is your first foray in to the great outdoors and are looking for a few basic skills to start you off on your journey to adventure weekends, looking for a great team building experience, or a day or weekend learning how to live outdoors with the minimum of kit as an individual or as a group We can tailor a course to suit your needs from bushcraft, survival skills, emergency first-aid and planning,  including aspects of planning for extended trips into remote areas, and being prepared for those unforeseen eventualities.

Here at Adventure Bushcraft we practice "leave no trace". having the least impact on the environment you are in. We think its important not to strip a way all the resources where you go so that the woodland is able to recover from your interactions with it. 

check out our courses page, if you're interested in a bespoke course for a group be that a birthday, team building, preparation for a bigger trip away, let us know and we can tailor a course to suit you.

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