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Supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Handicraft promotions of Equatorial Guinea, AFCW is a prestigious Fashion and Cultural franchise that comprises an amalgamation of creative thinkers ranging from fashion designers, models and textile distributors to artisans, culinarians and musicians. The events combine African culture with tourism by fashioning a collective environment where likeminded individuals can network together to showcase their collaborative ventures. 

Consequently, the events creates a wealth of opportunities and joint partnerships with local businesses to promote African fashion trends and design aesthetics across multiple countries, that not only stimulate growth, but create a ‘community’ amongst trade professionals.




Introducing theme: “BEHIND THE MASK” we would like to take you down memory lane in the understanding of the depths of Culture, tradition and explanation Tribal Masks.


Goya, Picasso and Tribal masks explained;-

The point of understanding the human condition is that it allows us to transform ourselves personally, and hence the world, so what you read here is really a side note to the incomparable excitement of that reality. 


With explanation of the human condition here, we can finally view human events and history in a real context and framework that makes sense, yet all the while having our upset state understood and defended. There are so many parts of Freedom: Expanded and the Introductory Video from the Museum of New Zealand where you can see many Maori tribal masks. 


Freedom: Expanded, which discusses tribal masks. An incredible document, because in only 20 pages it reveals so much about the dark side of our behaviour: the honesty of metal music; Munch’s The Scream; Francis Bacon’s disturbing portraits; Goya; Picasso; and tribal masks:


“Mention must again be made of the exceptional human-condition-revealing honesty of the ceremonial masks that have been used in almost all cultures. In Part 3:14 it was explained how masks were a powerful means of exorcising both the truth of the extent to which our soul has been brutally repressed, and the depth of the anger of our conscious mind. Having learnt to contain and restrain our, in truth, extremely upset state, and also conceal it from view so that we weren’t confronted with the extent of it–having, as we say, learnt to ‘civilise’ our upset–such denial of our true situation could also become unbearable, in fact, psychologically and physically sickening, at which point some purging, cathartic, exorcising honesty was needed. 


The wearing of masks that revealed the true depth of how either soul-dead or furiously angry we humans had become was a powerfully effective way of bringing some relieving, therapeutic honesty to our lives...


The Influence of African Traditional Sculptures / Masks 


It is evident that #modigliani got influenced by African Art but he wasn’t influenced directly but through his artist friends #picasso #cezanne #brancusi. He developed his own style of painting based on this influences from African Traditional Sculptures/ Mask. 


With this Events Theme “Behind The Mask” you will learn more and get to find out the representation of each Tribal Mask of the countries we represent. 


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