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Who is AlchemyFlow?
AlchemyFlow teaches traditional food knowledge and techniques to encourage better health and vitality through living, vibrant foods.
We run fermentation workshops in London, Brighton & beyond and offer a range of styles & approaches to delivery & presentations. We welcome invitations to collaborate across academia, community projects and the arts.
The AlchemyFlow team is run and organised by Darren Ollerton - A London based freelancer, massage therapist, fermentation enthusiast and scholar of MSc Medical Anthropology with a special interest in microbiome studies.

Why fermentation?

From easing social anxiety, to helping with allergies, sleep issues, weight problems and overall immunity – fermented foods pack a punch. A bio-diverse microbiome means resilient and vital health. At these workshops we teach you how to make highly bioavailable and live foods to support better health and cognition.
Participants of our workshops leave with a critical perspective on mainstream ideas around food and health and develop a tool box of their own to revive traditions of creating living, vibrant food in their own kitchen; to nourish and effect change in themselves, their families and communities.

Why AlchemyFlow?

Cookery courses are fun and at AlchemyFlow we like our events served with some radicality too. Our workshops bring together current research and insights into food, gut health and healing to show how the simple act of fermenting in the home kitchen not only benefits ourselves personally but reverberates into wider social, political and environmental realms.
Participants of our workshops can expect an evening of “blinding statements of rebellion” and “gut-savvy politics” incorporated with a sound technical education in the fermentation arts and other gut healing methods and techniques.

What to expect at our workshops:

  • A fast paced discussion on the importance of fermentation in health empowerment and healing the gut.
  • A line up of interactive demonstrations that teach you creative ways to ferment, using both dry-salting and brining techniques.
  • Ongoing support and a handbook of inspirations and recommendations.
  • Tasting – take a portion home with you.
  • A practical session where you get to put your new found skills in action.
  • A bloody good time.
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