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Aleksandra Horwood, Wellbeing Instructor

​Aleksandra is a founder and director of Happy Stance Yoga Therapy, London, UK.

She has worked as a yoga teacher for 30 years, holding the highest teaching accreditation with Yoga Alliance.

She has taught wellbeing courses in a wide variety of settings including kindergartens, schools and universities, corporate client communities, charities and many more, in the USA, Germany, Austria, France, the UK and Croatia.

Her website is

In collaboration with Waltham Forest Women's Network she offers an exclusive, ladies only, a free event with Bolly x with Mevy every Wednesday at 11 am.

With Time to Change, a mental health campaign launched with the objective of reducing mental health-related stigma and discrimination, she organises a free course for better sleep, every Monday at 2 pm.

Besides her community offerings, she teaches daily her private clients and the following group classes:

Back and Neck Care

Stress Relief

Sleep Therapy am

Sleep Therapy pm

Better Mobility

Fall Prevention 60+

Yoga for Ladies Only

Practical Mindfulness

Yoga for Runners and many more...


For any requests, please write to