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Aleto Foundation

“Our nation, and the world at large, is in urgent need of a new generation of leaders who bring a diversity of experience and approach to craft innovative solutions for the many problems faced by the planet and those who inhabit it. Those leaders will possess the educational foundations, mental capacity, moral foundation, confidence and humility required to inspire others to find common cause and to strive for the improvement of society at large. The Foundation will identify, recruit and train young men and women who can demonstrate that their self-worth, engagement, and purpose qualify them to accept the responsibility of leadership.” Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE - Founding Chairman, Aleto Foundation

Aleto means ' Legacy for Tomorrow' - Sharing Success With Tomorrow's Leaders.


Why the Aleto Foundation exists

The Aleto Foundation exists to promote the development of young people in achieving their full potential by providing support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in and contribute to society as mature and responsible individuals.

The lasting impact we have on young people is to support them as they develop into the next generation of leaders by teaching them what we've learned and by encouraging them beyond our highly acclaimed leadership programmes as they take on new challenges.

* We are passionate and devoted to changing young people's lives by extending our high level leadership programme across the country.

* We want young people to maximise their full leadership potential, irrespective of gender, race, school or family background.

*We seek out young people from working class communities with both leadership potential and a desire to be tomorrow’s leaders.

* We connect them to a network of influential decision-makers in order for them to lead change.

* We arm young people with the self-awareness to be clear about their potential, their purpose and the contribution they want to make to our nation.

* We nurture the next generation of leaders by coaching and advising them.


Annual Leadership Programme

Through our intensive Leadership programmes we dedicate significant resources to developing talented individuals by providing them with practical opportunities to learn and build leadership skills so that they emerge as leaders and appreciate the impact that their talent and leadership can have on society as a whole. Our programmes equip them with the knowledge to navigate a world that is undergoing continuous change – especially where traditional sources of advice may lack leading-edge experience of those changes.

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