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All Women Enterprise

Are you a working woman? 

Perhaps you have your own business!

Your may work in lead generation or sales and would like to create new contacts, whilst generating more business!

We have enjoyable, friendly lunch and brunch meetings, held in carefully selected venues throughout the north east. Here you can meet like-minded women and build future relationships alongside building your business. 

We do follow a simple structure and everyone is given the opportunity to find out about everyone else in the room. 

If you would like to visit any of our meetings, there is a charge of £15 (for PAYG members) £10 (for subscription members). This covers your lunch, refreshments and essential admin costs to ensure these invaluable business network meetings are a success.

If you are looking to attend more than 3 meetings in a month, ask us about the subsription method.

All of our meetings repeat every 4 weeks.  

Coming soon to:  North Tyneside and Stockton area.

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