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Ami Strachan

Street Photographer based in Edinburgh, travel abroad and locally to capture what's happening on the street.

Street photography requires alot of practice and there is no short cut, here is my advice: 
Be patient
Good attitude
Be your own creation
Enjoy and have fun!

Recent reviews about my workshops:
"Attended my first workshop with Ami yesterday and I
will definitely be attending another in the very near
future. She is an absolutely fantastic photographer,
teacher and person, who’s obvious passion and
enthusiasm for her craft is highly contagious and greatly
inspires others around her to follow in her
photographical footsteps and to attempt to get even
closer to their street subjects, which is perhaps one of
the most challenging aspects of street photography. As
well as being a brilliant street photographer, Ami is an
absolutely fantastic teacher and is someone who will
take the time to teach the ethics of street photography,
camera technique, camera settings and how to “read”
light and make the best use of it, as well as encouraging
photographical discussion, answering questions and
assisting workshop attendees to capture that elusive
“decisive moment”. Overall, I found Ami’s workshop
to be fun, enjoyable and extremely inspiring. She is such
a brilliant teacher and I learned so much from her
yesterday and in seeing her practicing her craft during
the four hours I was with her, that I am now very eager to
use my get out and use my new-found confidence in street
photography and to practice all of the techniques that
she taught me. Her workshops will suit all levels of
photographical skill, as she has the enthusiasm,
experience, engaging teaching style and professional
expertise to improve all skill levels from absolute
beginner to professional. Also, her own photographs are
absolutely amazing too. Highly, highly, highly

"I first went out with Ami about 6 months ago..I was a
newbie to street photography....I found her workshop
inspirational..!! she is such a good teacher, and I have
learned so much from her experience...her workshops suit
all levels, as she has the experience and professional
expertise to improve all levels of photographer.
Ami is engaging, thought provoking and teaches all
aspects of photography...I have learnt about ethics, how
to make better use of my camera, she
encouragesdiscussion and makes you think, and being
very knowledgeable about shooting amazing shots
herself, looking at her own work is an education in
itself...her openness to share her tradecraft has allowed
me to become better all round, but my observational
skilled have improved so much...seeing the light, and
seeing the moment to capture shots before the moment has
gone..these are just a few guess is that
canny pro's would also go out with her as well...�
I make an eight hour round trip to do her workshops... I
think this is a reflection of how much I love Amis
workshops...���she is a star...!!"

"Having been impressed with Ami's street / candid
photography online I decided to get a 1:1 coaching
session with her. Having done street photography for a
couple of years on and off, I was keen to build my
confidence on getting closer to subjects, improving my
observation skills and awareness of the light. I am
pleased to say that an hour in to the 5hr workshop with
Ami i was already feeling significantly more confident
and by the end of the session really felt in a much better
place. Ami is great fun and really helped me build my
confidence quickly. I came away with some great shots
that i would probably never have captured otherwise, and
now feel much more positive about where i can take my
street photography. Highly recommended!"

"It's your art, make it unique and interesting."




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