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The Association of Motion Picture Sound is an organisation of film and television sound technicians based in the U.K. Currently there are in excess of 350 highly experienced members from the industry. AMPS has the support of a number of Sustaining Members from within the manufacturing and associated commercial sectors of the film and television Industry worldwide.

AMPS is constituted to maintain standards and the professionalism of the craft and all active members of the Industry are encouraged to join.

All AMPS events are semi-private, for members and their guests unless otherwise stated. Venues are generally small and intimate.

Our events are typically recorded using photography, video and/or sound recordings so that members who can't attend can view them .  By attending an event you consent to the use of your image and/or voice as part of AMPS' use of these recordings.  The use of these recordings includes but is not limited to the AMPS website, E-newsletter and Journal.  We will remind you of this every time you book a ticket for one of our events or confirm your attendance by any other method.




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