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Andrea Morrison

Andrea Morrison is an experienced Speaker and Coach, is a columnist for Yorkshire Post and author of Feel Good Factor in 30 days.


Andrea has always had an ingrained belief that no matter what life throws at you, you CAN do what you set your mind to and has always felt passionate about inspiring others to do this as well. She firmly believes that you don’t have to be stuck with a decision or an experience that you had years ago, you can change your future, right now, but it starts with you.


In 2010 Andrea had to walk away from her career as a Barrister being struck down with Chronic Fatigue, so at the age of 38, a career she had wanted from the age of 10 was  over, leaving her physically and emotionally burnt out. She left behind a busy UK practice, listed in the Legal 500 and her Treasury Counsel appointment, she had fought hard to get there having attended Durham University to read Law as a mature student after a short career  in Local Authority Housing (and having a rather chequered educational background!).


Over the following years she put herself back together piece by piece, initially tutoring in Law at the University of York, but then retraining in complementary therapies, searching for something less stressful and more positive. In 2014 she published Feel Good Factor in 30 days, a collection of short tips and advice, aimed to inject a bit of Feel Good into her readers lives, based on her own experience that she had shared with her clients, who were facing what she had faced. It was at this time she was invited to become a columnist for The Yorkshire Post.


Fascinated with personal development, but resisting the idea of becoming a full time coach, she searched, researched & trained extensively to find those ingredients necessary to live a balanced, fulfilled, happy - even an exceptional life. Pursuing many other endeavours that would indirectly bring her into contact with those she could help, the turning point being on a train to Birmingham, writing her Yorkshire Post column, en route to assist a friend with her business she realised that coaching others was her true passion and one that she could no longer resist.


Back now to full health, both physically and emotionally, she now has a thriving, full-time, coaching practice, enabling others to live exceptional lives by getting Life FYT©.  Life FYT© are 6 essential understandings that she has identified during her journey, knowledge which she lives by and incorporates in her every day life that enables her to live the life that she loves.


She now shares these key understandings with her clients to enable them to leave behind stress, self doubt, anxiety and other negative experiences so that they can reach their potential, leaving them knowing they have the confidence, self belief and motivation already within them to create a life that they love.


Andrea comes across as a genuinely, lovely person, with the professional ability to impart, to her audience, a feeling of well-being. Throughout her speech, I looked around the crowd, and she had everyone eating out of her hand. What a fabulous story! Her energy is so contagious!’

Gary Porter, Ruskin Academy. 


'Andrea is in my opinion a natural who holds the audiences attention, who engages easily ... Her session was educational, motivational and very relevant...All in all I would have given her 10 out of 10 on that performance!' Alf Dunbar Creator of the You Are The Difference Coaching Programme

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