Andrew Lound

Andrew Lound has been presenting public presentations, lectures and staging exhibitions for over forty years and has participated in over 5,000 events. He regularly tours the UK with his Trademark Odyssey Dramatic Presentations® and Lectures® and is invited back time and again due to popular demand. His trademark Odyssey Dramatic Presentations cover a wide range of historic and science subjects and are presented with audio, images, video and when live on stage costume and props. The aim has always been to abandon the typical 'talk' and instead present with a more interesting and dynamic style which more readily engages the audience. Most of these presentations have now been adapted for presentation online.

He is a former curator of the Avery Historical Museum (that was located at the famous Soho Foundry)Andrew is a man of many interests who specializes in space science and astronomy from both a current and historical perspective. Another main area of interest of his is the Titanic. After many years of dedicated research, he is now recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject. His research into the Birmingham and Midlands’ connections of the Titanic has been extensive and led him to writing; directing and producing a stage show ‘1912: A Titanic Odyssey.’ For the Titanic Centenary Commemoration, he staged a large multi-media exhibition tracing the history of the ship with emphasis on its Midlands’ connections.

He can be regularly be heard on Talk Radio commenting on space issues, on BBC Radio commenting on space and history subjects..

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