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I have been exploring a love of landscape through my art practice for over ten years. I first became consciously aware of natures innate propensity for healing whilst studying a Fine Art degree in Wales. Observing how the heaps of 'waste' material' from mining had begun to grass over in places, wildlife adjusting and returning, the scarred body of Earth reforming itself. This led me to consider similarities with human experience, and how our sense of being in the world is intertwined with the land we inhabit, the sense of seperation from it illusory.


Following graduation I began to pursue themes of healing through art from a different angle, and whilst working (and doing placements) in the NHS mental health services, I completed the MA Art Psychotherapy training at Goldsmiths College, London. The varied experience which this, coupled with my own experience of Psychotherapy, provided me with has helped to inform my thinking about how the act of art making can be a vital way of exploring an enriching the myriad twists and turns of life. I have worked with adults of all ages, children and young people from 4 to 18, from very varied backgrounds, in a variety of settings, through group and individual sessions.


I now make my home in Edinburgh, having always felt close (despite hailing from the south coast) to the Landscapes of 'the North'. I have a studio space in the city center where I create drawings, mostly in ink and pastel. I also work with music, and occassionaly video. Thematically, at the present time, my work tends toward an expression of the 'hidden' numinosity of landscape. Much of my work can be viewed on my website, which may offer you a sense of how I engage with this theme.


I recognise the very great challenges of the present time, and how difficult it can sometimes be to feel a sense of inspiration, and wonder, particularly in the face of the widespread lack of regard for ourselves as a part of nature, and not a seperate and dominant entity. I am interested in what the realms of Ecopsychology, Jungian/post-Jungian thought, Deep Ecology, Mysticsym, and a whole host of people defining themselves as thinkers, writers, activists, artists and teachers have to contribute to forming a way of proceeding in the world which has the capacity for both grief and praise.






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