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Anglia Ruskin Enterprise Academy (AREA)

We have established (AREA) as a distinct central ‘hub’ where all enterprise and entrepreneurship activities can be consolidated and coordinated throughout Anglia Ruskin University.

In February, following a comprehensive re-accreditation visit by the IOEE Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, we are delighted to announce that Anglia Ruskin University has been reapproved as an IOEE Centre of Excellence.

The most important change to take place in relation to our enterprise related output has been the transition from CEDAR as the University’s hub for enterprise development to AREA. This change has led to a far more diverse range of sta , students and external stakeholders becoming involved with enterprise and entrepreneurship activity. One
of the main objectives for AREA’s introduction has been to provide students with ‘real world’ experiences of enterprise activity, encouraging them to develop entrepreneurial thinking and behaviours that will be invaluable as they move into the workplace.

Receiving re-approval of the prestigious Centre of Excellence status from IOEE recognises the already excellent work undertaken at Anglia Ruskin and within AREA. Working with IOEE will further support and develop entrepreneurial learning and skills development as a source of competitiveness for our graduates and make an on- going contribution to the communities we serve in terms of wealth and employment creation.

AREA delivers an enhanced programme of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship activities, both curricular and extra-curricular and develops new learning resources. our aim is to engage more students in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship training, providing them with the skills, knowledge, mind-set and understanding for business and self- employment.

Collaborating with our Faculties, the Students’ Union and our external partners, will provide real-world experiences for our students. Encouraging entrepreneurial mind- sets and behaviours within graduates and the wider workforce, for the benefit of all society. Entrepreneurial learning and skills development continues to be a vital source of competitiveness for economic growth and an initiator of both employment and economic development in a di icult and challenging economic environment.

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