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Anne Bradshaw

B.Sc (Hons) Healthcare, PGCE (Higher Education), Dip MTI (Level 4 Holistic Massage, Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology, Dip HE (Antenatal Education) ,A Member of the Federation of Antenatal Educators, Hands On Babies Massage/Yoga Instructor, Appointed Person (Emergency First Aid), Centre of Excellence Pregnancy Massage Diploma.(Distinction), CNCH, FHT, CThA

My first two children were born in the early 1970's, with my youngest daughter being born in 1991 - so I experienced childbirth in two different decades. Being part of the history of maternity services triggered my interest in childbirth, and I trained as a National Childbirth Trust Teacher, eventually becoming an Advanced Teacher, and teaching locally for 20+ years. For a period of time I was a member of the Maternity Services Liaison Group at the Royal Worcestershire Hospital and also chaired this group. I was contracted for 2 years as Parent Education Consultant at the Royal Worcester, and also helped to develop a dvd for Childrens Centres in Worcester about birth and the immediate postnatal period, writing the script for the labour section of the dvd. For fifteen years I lectured student midwives at the University of Worcester - leading sessions on Active Birth, and How to Teach Antenatal Classes. I also wrote a chaper on teaching antenatal educaton in a publication "Community Midwifery Practice" Edwins J, 2008. A few years ago I decided to stop teaching for NCT and set up as an indepedent Childbirth & Parenting Consultant, mainly teaching couples privately in their own home.

I was at the birth of my first grandson, and more recently at the birth of my granddaughter - a fantastic experience. To date I have taught around 4,500 parents! I am passionate about teaching and learning - and about increasing womens' confidence in their ability to give birth. Understanding how her body works in labour, and how her baby works with her is key to this.

I am also passionate about babies and their needs - and how important meeting their needs is to their mental and emotional development. When I reached the time for retiring from my day job in insurance, I decided to train as a Massage Therapist and have been working as a therapist for the past three years, more recently as a member of the Fold Therapy Centre Team at Bransford, near Worcester.

I specialise in pregnancy massage, and stress reduction/relaxation massage. I also trained as a Hands On Babies Massage & Yoga Instructor. I love massage, and how it relaxes people, and how important touch is for everyone, and especially babies. There are so many benefits to massage - the main one being that it switches on the parasympathetic nervous system thereby reducing the effects of stress.

In my spare time (!) I manage a large contemporary Choir in Worcester,and I love reading, singing, running, yoga, cooking and knitting!

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