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We are proud to present a truely family friendly festival, with a motorsport, classic and retro car twist! Set in the incredible Lydden Hill Race Circuit you can see all of the action from pretty much anywhere - not many venues have that unique selling point - whether you are entertaining the little'uns on many of the FREE kids attractions, or soaking up the atmosphere of the Show n' Shine arena or open paddocks the on track action is just a twist of your head away!

It's very much a European destination as it is ideally situated just 10mins from the Dover International Tunnel and Ferry Ports, with us welcoming many mainland European Clubs who have crusied over to come and join in the fun of the UK Festival Scene.  

We have a large Aircooled and Watercooled VW participation (mainly because thats the club scene who the founders are active in) but this has rapidly spread to a broad range of Retro and Race machinery of all different marques and styles - but with one common thread - the desire to have fun out on the track and join in with like minded people. The atmosphere in the show grounds and camping areas are laid back, with people and familys chilling with their friends, new and old, whilst being entertained by the on track antics which are in stark contrast to the laid back surroundings.. 

So why call it the Apex Festival?

An ‘apex’ is the sweet-spot of a corner that all circuit racers aim for when targeting the optimum racing line – all racers have one aim... to be the best they can... constantly striving to improve... trying something new... engineering something different which sets them apart from the competition... looking for great times in every sense of the word.

And this is exactly what the Apex Festival is all about… something new, something different, a team focused on engineering a show that becomes a ‘Must-do’ on your event calendar and, of course, we too, are all looking for great times in every sense of the word!

The core team behind the Apex Festival have high octane fuel running through their veins... Retro, Performance and Modified cars have influenced their entire lives on a personal and professional level... we are all in to our MotorSport in a big way... you’ll catch us at a circuit, strip or rally stage most weekends and nearly always in a VAG motor of some description!

Since hosting the very first festival in May 2012, the Apex Crew have partnered with other select events bringing our expertise and unique flavour of excitement for spectators all focused around race circuit antics.. be they fun parades, trackday sessions, demonstrations, championship or exhibition races and the odd track based photoshoot! You can expect to see much more of us in the coming season!

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