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Arrive Alive Registered Charity 1149910

In 2017 Arrive Alive launched ‘The Silver Second Appeal’ with the aim of providing rapid emergency medical response transport and assistance whilst supporting air ambulances and road ambulances across the UK. With support being operated in areas from small rural communities to large cities whilst ensuring that the transport meets the needs of the emergency that is being attended and saving lives.

The UK’s emergency medical transport services are in constant demand. Every day of the year the UK’s ambulance service is under a never ending strain of being unable to reach category A missions within the permitted targeted time. Just some of the category A missions that require essential lifesaving medical treatment include: cardiac arrest, sepsis, anaphylaxis, stroke, asthma attacks, epileptic seizures, diabetes complications. Additional life threatening instances include: stab injuries , gunshot wounds, road traffic accidents, equestrian related injuries, acid and terror attacks.

Since the launch of ‘The Silver Second Appeal’ the team at Arrive Alive initially had an aim of launching one vehicle at a time. However with the fantastic support that Arrive Alive received from donations from the general public and ensuring that the vehicles provided value for money as well as meeting specific requirements of an emergency response vehicle it has enabled the launch of two vehicles in July 2018. Arrive Alive is now fundraising for additional vehicles to become operational late 2018.


These vehicles will be utilised when road ambulances are unable to reach the incident location due to a high demand of calls also when air ambulances are grounded either due to adverse weather conditions or restricted night flying hours.

Arrive Alive solely relies on the generosity of the general public and does not receive any government or national lottery funding. 

To ensure that vehicles will become operational in your local area we hope that you can support ‘The Silver Second Appeal’.



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