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ART MODEL COLLECTIVE is a model-run group who organise their own life drawing events, offering dramatic, interactive, themed multi-model tableaux vivants, while championing fair pay through profit share ethos.

Since May 2016, AMC models have organised over 70 regular sessions as well as pop-up events at comic shops and music festivals, events like Industry Workshops and Royal Academy Lates, with dozens of models and themes ranging from film, comic and artist tributes to lavish collaborations with edgy fashion designers and live musicians.

To treat established professionals with the respect they deserve, to mentor and nurture new talent and create a healthier happier working environment, this model-run initiative aims to raise the standards of life modelling, to push the models and the artists to new heights of excellence. 

If you want to see the models you love be paid what they deserve, come and join the revolution! 

(Or if you don't care about politics and activism, then remember that this financial scheme allows us the luxury of dramatic multi-model compositions that most events could simply not afford).

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