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Art of Being


What is The Art of Being?



The Art of Being® as a path of self-realization, heart awareness, life fulfillment and spiritual awakening founded and led by Alan Lowen.



The Art of Being® retreats are touching, passionate, humorous, and celebrative, they are potent their power to transform and awaken! They call you into the present and teach you how to keep being here when old habits would shut you down or impair your wholeness and your intimate connection with life happening here and now.



Art of Being workshops and courses cut through the intellectual and verbal layers of knowledge and information to the sensing-feeling depths where you can learn to truly befriend and appreciate the totality of your being. They enable you to heal the wounds that keep you limited, open to all your inner resources, celebrate your nature as a sensual man or woman, find fulfillment in your friendships and intimate relationships, and live in an ever-deepening communion with the spiritual dimension of existence. They nurture consciousness, compassion, grace and beauty in the way you live your life.

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