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Art of Marbling Yorkshire


Art of Marbling workshop will introduce you to a lovely relaxing and mesmerizing skill.


Bade Kafadar has been working as a ‘Marbling Instructor’ since she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the 9 Eylul University in 2008 in Turkey. Her workshops always receive excellent feedback and are always incredibly popular around Yorkshire. 


The art of ‘Marbling’ is both exciting and relaxing with each individual producing their own unique art work! Each piece therefore is both personal and beautiful, and the completed work can be used for a variety of things, including scarves, bags, cushions, aprons, ties, tableclothes, wall displays, picture frames and lampshades, bookcovers, boxcovers, etc.


Yet marbling can intrigue an adult for a lifetime. At first you marble everything within reach in your favourite colours and in simple patterns.


Then you get restless. You begin to experiment with complicated patterns and with colours you've never cared about before.

You're hooked. And marbling still feels like magic-every time.


Ebru marbling is not only fun and excitingit is also very therapeutic.


•All participants will learn the history of Ebru marbling on paper/fabric



•We supply all the equipment and materials required



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