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I joined Asentiv after reaching the realization I needed a change of path. 

I am a mother of two young boys and prior to having them I was a highly motivated, career driven young lady. I started my journey in the catering industry at 16 years old and worked my way up in the company along-side other positions and attending college to study business.


I worked long and packed hours for 10 years and gained more and more industry relevant experience. I worked my way up successfully to what was at the time, my dream job. I learnt not only about the business and the industry but also key details about myself as a person. I always admired other adults and their ability to self-manage and set about developing the traits in myself that I so admired in others and started building positive relationships with those around me that I could learn from. I made it my business not to be the brightest star in the room so that I always had something to learn, in the hope that one day I could be the leading star.


In August 2012 I was made redundant after my place of work suffered a severe arson attack. In September 2012 I had my first son and my world changed. In the past I had worked with babies, studied the early years and even gained qualifications but it never prepared me in the slightest for the mental and emotional shift that I was about to swiftly transition through. I’m sure many of you reading this may also be able to relate.


September 2014 I gave birth to our second son and after attempting to return to work in March 2015, I realized I was not quite emotional equipped to leave my children for full time work. So I set about creating a business plan to effectively work around my new growing family and return to a level of income that would sustain our lifestyle and cost of living. Call it maternal instinct if you will but I had an urge to base the business around helping others within my community. At this point the final plan was unclear but I knew I had to get a clear understanding of my community and what they want, need and enjoy so I set about finding this out by throwing myself in, attending events and networking.


I worked tirelessly to develop my business, a non-profit, Community Interest Company. I started to put on events within the community for all walks of life enabling me to help and support those that need it. This ranged from young families, including both the children and the parents/carers; to women that were seeking support to start a new business, and many, many more.


Moving forward, I received a referral to meet with Jacky Sherman and was introduced to Asentiv. The whole concept was truly enlightening and sat perfectly with everything I wanted from a business and so my journey began. I could successfully combine my love for networking and building strong relationships with my need to help and support a professional community. All of which could be done to fit in with my family’s lifestyle and be part of something accredited and recognized internationally.


So after my first session I had my light bulb moment, which banished any and all doubt in my mind that this is exactly what we needed, exactly what I needed and exactly what my wider network needed.


My mission is to instill knowledge, confidence and build strong lasting professionals to enable them to do the same.


I will be supporting and coaching individuals with a variety of key knowledge to support to ensure they can thrive and immerse them in the proven concepts and strategies.


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