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Assessment Academy

For a number of years, we at Evidence Based Education have delivered high-quality training to interpret assessment data and to integrate the best available research evidence into education at every level.

As the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring’s (CEM) Approved Training Provider, and having trained thousands of teachers around the world on their data over the last few years, we have found an increasingly urgent need from educators to know how to assess better.

We began to hear repeated calls from teachers and school leaders: wanting a real understanding of what constitutes great assessment; wanting to know how assessment could be done well, without having to study for years or spend thousands of pounds; and wanting to know how it could make a tangible difference to pupils in their schools.

Yet, even with the recent changes that have occurred (in the UK, in particular), they struggled to find high-quality, evidence-based training anywhere. We set out to address this need.

We did this by stripping back what we know about existing online learning. We assessed the best available evidence on learning in general – and on teacher learning specifically – and then we used this to guide our course design.

Assessment Academy is not about simply taking some slides from a keynote speech and putting them online. It is about re-engineering how good teacher professional development looks. It is evidence-based, personalised and flexible.

It is about being accountable to the evidence on teacher learning, and adapting our world-class training course to its format: whether it be the in-person, residential, or online version, you benefit from evidence-based training of the highest quality.

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