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Atlas of the Future

Atlas of the Future is a non-profit online resource of hope featuring people and projects working for better futures, worldwide, in all areas of human activity. Every year, we organise Fixing the Future – in collaboration with the CCCB, Barcelona’s most important cultural centre. Fixing the Future brings the most inspiring designers, innovators, educators, makers, artists and changemakers from across different areas (for example biodiversity, food, energy, waste, oceans...) together with 700+ future-curious citizens in Barcelona. This year, due to COVID-19, we are running a series of free online events in specific priority topic areas.

We are dedicating the first in this series to the future of education and the educational system, as we believe it is one of the most critical areas for our post-pandemic futures. Atlas of the Future and the Generalitat de Catalunya want to offer our audiences, and in particular the teachers of Catalonia, an inspiring online debate about learner-focused, future-fit, justice-centred education for all, with some of the world’s leading educational experts and innovators.