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Authentic Change Solutions Ltd

We help individuals

·     Personal development workshops and events

·     Webinars on

Finding your purpose and passion

How to create a vision board

·     A toolkit of concepts to survive in this complex, sometimes inauthentic world

·     The principles from the book The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved®

The Authenticity Power Model®
The Hierarchy of Purpose


·     Get more out of your life

·     Have more confidence and understand when people are winding you up or pushing your buttons

·     Create seamless flow between all elements of your life

·     Help professionals who feel confined by life within an organisational culture

·     Achieve better congruence, balance and integration between work and life

·     Feel you are making a difference, while being less mentally exhausted

·     Be all of you, living your authentic power

For organisations and companies

·     Consulting on change, organisational development, values and culture

·     Bespoke leadership development based on the Authenticity Power Model®

·     Creating integrative change solutions across organisational boundaries; leveraging the potential of strategy, people development, organisational development and finance

·     Inspirational Talks on authenticity, career journeys, aspirational leadership


·     Drive greater employee engagement across the generational divide, reduce employee turnover, retain talent and increase profits

·     Increase respect for difference; leading to higher diversity of thought and greater inclusion for all

·     Prepare leaders for the challenges of a modern working environment in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex Ambiguous) world

·     Increasing organisational and individual wellbeing

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on authenticity and authentic change.

We use the principles of the Authenticity Power Model® and the Hierarchy of Potential contained in the book The Authenticity Dilemma Resolved®.

Authentic change is focussed on building change programmes around individuals and their underlying fears. Helping individuals to feel more secure and live comfortably and happily with daily change.

How we work

We partner with a range of associates to deliver tailor made programmes that suit the needs of individuals, leaders and organisations to resolve the unique challenges they face.

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