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AVPT Ltd Short Courses Academy

AVPT Short courses academy


On-line training courses

Academy of vocational and professional training Global lifelong learning services is one of the first to focus on accessibility through your notebook, ipad and smartphones.  As one of the newest and established suppliers of global e-distance learning courses in the UK and, with our popular combination of supported open learning and innovative course materials, students are guaranteed an exceptional learning experience

We know you can’t win, always needing to train yourself or staff, reduce your budget and up-skill people at all levels on an ongoing basis with no time to waste. But where do you start? If you value your sanity and your job, I would suggest you ask AVPT for some help because we are an established soft skills training provider of worldwide accreditation, delivering in house or mobile learning programmes that:


  • Are very flexible, student centric and time sensitive.
  • Can help you with both compliance and accreditation issues.
  • Allow you to track, monitor and measure staff progress and achievements.
  • Enables you to up-skill receptionists through to board members.
  • Impressive lead times that can be delivered over different time scales to suit individual learning needs.
  • Each of your staff gets allocated a personal tutor to help them complete their online course.
  • Mobile phone and tablet compliant and secure with no advertising to suck up bandwidth.

 If I was to tell you that you could just pick up the phone or send us an email to start the ball rolling and that you would not have to wait more than a few days to start any level of bespoke training for either yourself or staff at affordable fees, would your stress levels be reduced? Well AVPT has over 390 Soft Skills courses presented via a cutting edge, proprietary online Learning Management system or in printed format with instructor and student guide manuals along with PowerPoint presentations.

E-learning is scalable, and able to deliver continuous professional development to your staff without them having to take valuable time off work reducing your on-going costs. In the past mobile learning was seen as an isolated option that ended up with most students not completing their course. Modern advances mean that these barriers have been transcended and your staff can now enjoy full interactions steered towards their own personal learning style.

We would welcome the opportunity of introducing our blended learning strategy to you and to show you the cost savings that they can bring. Oh and by the way we are approved training providers of Growth Accelerator, your business could be eligible for up to £2000 match funding grant for training your managers.


Express classroom/workshops

Do you prefer face to face?  then try our Express Classroom courses. You can register for our 1, 2 or 3 day intense workshops throughout the UK.  Check out our special offers in eventbrit now.

Our Course Catagories


Thousands of students are looking to improve their vocational and professional skills and want to sign up for our e-distance courses that can be completed comprehensively with guidance and support. No more years waiting to gain  nationally-recognised qualifications to improve your job or business opportunities.

Why not become one of them. Enrol today.  Call now to find out how: +44 203 551 2621

Fast Facts


Increased retention rates

Training material constructed with a mix of interactive content, videos and assessments is more easily absorbed by the trainee. Courses are scaled for quick turnaround to improve on students graduation

A Focus on Entrepreneurship

As all training is completed online or in our intense workshops using consistent methods, each student or managers can automatically access complete training histories of completed courses and achievements.

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