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Azania Love

I was once told by a friend that they wish, I could be folded up and carried in their handbag so they could pop me out whenever they wanted advice... (ok). I was also once told that I was like a Tasmanian devil (the cartoon character)


(Moral: don't ask friends what they think about you)


So there you go, that's me, a pop-up advice giving Tasmanian devil. Hope to see you at the workshops... Bye!


Ha! Ok a little more... I've been delivering talks and training for 15 years, mostly in institutions (prisons & schools) women's organisations, community & housing groups. I've loved the work and learnt so much from some of the bravest individuals ever (lil' emotional). I've shifted, shaped and cultivated many stagnant perspectives and limited beliefs. I have transformed a good many lives and of that I'm proud. 


I am now ready to go in a fearlessly different direction and work with a bold new client group. Inside fabulously fresh and inspiring environments with Creative Women who are ready to big-up themselves, big-up their lives and ease into a life they truly love while being proud to share with everybody.


I look forward to seeing you in a non-stuffy, liberating, friend gaining, fun having and inspired action orientated AzaniaWorkshops!

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