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Back to Basics CIO

A team with similar concerns about the world and it's direction, we are Back to Basics! Members of this society have become so accustomed to fast-pace living that we no longer have the patience to cook, build, farm or even fix things that are broken.

These skills are so lost that one day, those who were never taught how to cook, build, farm or fix things, will be at a disadvantage in life. These skills are skills which were once passed down from generation to generation and we are the first generation who no longer acquire these skills from our elder and instead, we are subconsciously learning the complete opposite.

We are becoming increasingly inpatient for things like food (hence drive thru's), houses (hence pre-fabricated houses) and even to the degree that food which we consume everyday is made in factories using chemicals to speed up the process which takes away it's natural vitamins and minerals needed for our natural growth. We no longer know about seasonal vegetables because consumerism states that we can now eat anything all year around. But this is not natural. It does not help our immune systems and thus, we become prone to diseases and illnesses at particular times of the year. We must change our ways, and we must start today.

It may be a long shot, but they say 'It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become', and if the smallest changes we make today can make a bigger impact on our children's futures, their grandchildren's futures, then who are we not to try, whilst we still can? Whilst the resources are still available...

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